Life is Full of Adventures

Today Eva has returned to nursery. For 4 reasons, firstly, I think I’ve already had Covid-19, secondly, I’ve had to work throughout so she’s been at a higher risk anyway, thirdly, the likelihood of her health being seriously affected is so low and the 4th reason is that she loves nursery. I feel like it’s probably controversial but I’m happy with my decision.

Recently I decided to start a crystal business. I enjoy my endless ideas and ambitions. I’ve been in the fascinating world of crystals on Instagram for a few months now. I pour myself a generous glass of wine and watch the sales for hours. I’ve probably watched about 20. There’s a fair few people practically addicted to buying/collecting. And live sales are addictive, especially if it’s competitive. The customer watching the live sale claims the crystal they want by saying something like “claim 35b” and the person who shows up on the sellers phone first gets it. Very interesting when it’s a rare piece and exhilarating if you get a great piece over others. That’s the selfish side of it for me but it’s also magical and friendly, mostly. I’ve got a few rare pieces myself and a few on the way this week.

My sister and I talked about selling crystals and decided to start a little business together but we have different ideas and I wanted to start it right away and she didn’t which is okay. So, on pay day, last Friday I paid for my first wholesale order! It didn’t cost a wild amount, it’s 1 of 2 orders, the next one is next payday. I won’t be making profit initially because I’ll have to order more crystals, if anything I’m very likely to lose money for a little while but still, it’ll hopefully mostly pay for itself. I ordered crystals from Africa, mostly from Madagascar. Like any business I knew I needed a USP, and I’ve seen my competition, not that I really see it that way. I’m going to have 2 main USPs initially: i’ll be making 925, bezel set pendants out of mostly rare crystals, I’ve already started collecting pieces and the other USP is themed live sales. I’ve seen themes before but not like this theme, it’s going to be flames, ice and eggs… It’s basically inspired by Game of Thrones but, I’ll use other words. The flames are carnelian which is mostly orange and red and they’re, as you might imagine carved and polished into flame shapes. The ice is sugar quartz that Really beautiful and fairly rare. And I found a special type of tourmaline that reminds me of the throne. I’ve only bought one piece of that because it’s rare but I’m really hoping to buy more this month. I bought a really amazing smoky quartz that I’m going to hate parting with and some tiger’s eye towers.

I’m going to take my favourite pieces to Cannock Chase shortly after they arrive to take photos. Cannock Chase is such a special place. Last summer I filmed myself making herbal tea and this summer I’m going to be taking photos of beautiful crystals. I’m really excited. More and relevant exciting news is that I landed myself a golden opportunity last night. A successful local (super local to me) crystal seller that I’ve followed for a few months is looking for people to join their giveaway. I responded the moment I saw it and I’m involved in that. As soon as my first wholesale order arrives I’ll take the chosen crystal to Cannock Chase and get beautiful photos of it and it’ll be given away to the winner. It’s lovely to be a part of it and what a great way to start my little business off, it gets my name out there. I hope to be successful and to be a part of this community. I think there’s space for my ideas in the UK. Photos are going to be so key. An abudance of nature. A love for the planet. A kindness that will always be needed. 

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