Snippet of Life: Shop Problems

You just know when someone doesn’t care. I knew there was no point saying much more than what I did because that woman doesn’t like her life. She doesn’t give a shit that I left my purse at home because I was at home making a pom pom monster whilst drinking a glass of wine and I completely forgot that this virus has changed the closing times of shops. I was really looking forward to spicy chicken. And my Christ I couldn’t find the damn soft mints. I feel guilty every time I let my kids down in any way. She’s waited for a pack of soft mints all day and I couldn’t find them and couldn’t pay for them. I didn’t say a lot to the cashier which probably pissed her off but I just knew she was a miserable bitch. There’s no point in talking to those kinds of people. It’s an interesting phenomenon; deciding, with very little information, that someone is an asshole. It’s like a bad energy. It takes 2 seconds to see it and I don’t even really realise I’ve decided that someone isn’t kind. That, of course, could be because they’re unhappy which I should appreciate after my training. But it just makes me angry. I’ve got no chicken, or burgers, or bacon and no soft mints. So now I’m drinking wine again… I really want spicy chicken…

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