I’ve been watching ASMR since I was 18 which makes it around 8-9 years. During one of my low points my brother told me to watch whisper videos on YouTube and I did (hooray). At first I watched a lot of guided meditations, I meandered through forests and I listened to the sounds of the sea. A lot of these were spoken with soft, quiet voices. I listened to a Welsh gentleman whispering outdoors (The Whispering Voice), I listened to WhisperCrystal and I watched Lilium’s original channel amongst various others. At some point I stubbled across a video of a woman playing with her blonde hair and giving the old hair flick with quite a sassy facial expression. My honest first thought was that she was self-absorbed. This person, ladies and gentlemen, is Maria, Gentle Whispering, who I have been subscribed to since her previous marriage and is one of the biggest names in ASMR. I don’t know where the term ASMR came from but it took over the “whisper community” some time ago. Lately, I’ve been checking out people’s first videos because on the 9th of July I opened my second ASMR channel, second only because I created one when I was 19 and never uploaded any videos, I made a couple of terrible quality videos but then I guess I gave up and stayed in my depression. I haven’t created any videos yet but I have 11 ideas at the moment and instead of getting a game console for my Birthday I’ve asked for equipment and props for my videos.

Theres no way I can know if I’ll stick at this beyond this year and there’s no way to know my channel will be successful but by the end of August I hope to upload my first video and I’m excited about creating a Halloween video, I’ll be burning sage and boiling a potion if all goes well with my first and second videos.

I’m never going to ask for people to like or subscribe, that’s not my style but I’ve already started to comment on other people’s ASMR videos from my new account as a subtle way to gain subscribers. I’ve gotten over 200 likes on a comment on Gentle Whispering’s video which is a lot to me.

I’m not fearful of mentioning money, I’d love for this to eventually help financially like it does for so many people. It’s basically the dream job, I can’t put it into any good words but I love coming up with ideas. Ideas have always come quickly to me and I’m very creative. Imagine having a job that you not only enjoy but that you love! I’m looking for that. I don’t want to spend my life doing a job that makes me unhappy. I’m not saying this will be a job, it might be nothing but I don’t deny that making money isn’t hugely appealing.

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