Life as I know it #2

Bath blog therapy.

I have a busy week this week. I’m double booked tomorrow. I have my counselling session and Eva’s development review. I told my counsellor about the clash and asked if he had another time available, he did but it wasn’t helpful, so I told him I’d try to reschedule the appointment which was booked about six weeks ago. I tried that too and we’d have to wait another month for an appointment and I’m not waiting; I’m kind of looking forward to the appointment. I had to fill out forms that I’ll take with me and Eva ticks all of the boxes. I’ve thought for a while now that she’s a very clever little girl. She’s just two and she can talk very well. I might start taking small videos of her interacting and share them on Instagram. Yesterday we played in her grandparents garden and it took me back to my childhood. I loved being outside all day. I loved nature. I reconnected with that side of me yesterday with the best company. Eva is able to understand emotions quite well. If she has been selfish, I’ll react by telling her how I feel and I start to walk away from her. She immediately fixes the problem and asks if I’m okay and if it’s better. The kid is 2! My work is done *dusts off hands*. I know some people might not agree with my walking away but calm down, I’m not really going anywhere. It’s important to me that Eva is kind. I feel fortunate to have another beautiful little girl who is very quickly growing up. She’s recently learned to crawl backwards. Florence helps me to teach Eva to share, though she has no idea. Eva is such a sociable girl, she always talks to people in shops. If you don’t smile when she tries to interact with you, you have no soul. I’m so so proud of her.

She starts nursery next week and I’m so looking forward to her progress there.

I’m currently working on my 3rd essay, I got to choose the title myself. It’s about how people cope with loss, not limited to grieving a death. I haven’t got my mark back from essay number 2 and I won’t get it for a while yet; I handed the bugger in late (with an agreed extension of course). It turns out that I’m doing too much at once and whilst it wasn’t hugely logical to do the course with two young children, I’m proud of myself anyway.



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