Christmas Time

This year I’ve been much more thoughtful about Christmas not always being a lovely time of year for everyone so I want to just acknowledge that first.

I enjoyed Christmas this year. On the 20th we took Eva to see Santa at Trentham for the first time. As I previously mentioned it’s like getting tickets for Glastonbury, something I didn’t succeed in this time around (or last time). I tried to get Glastonbury tickets whilst holidaying at the lakes with Eva, Florence, Mike and his folks. Amid ordering breakfast at the holiday parks mediocre restaurant back in August, Mike and I continuously refreshed our tickets page with no joy. Anyway, that really wasn’t the point. We went to see Santa with Mike’s mom on the 20th and we were all impressed by him. He’s a genuinely elderly man with a real beard and a gentle, approachable nature. He took time with Eva, she’s only recently turned 2 and is a little fearful of men she doesn’t know. Within a few minutes Eva was sat next to Santa enjoying playing with his Christmassy singing bear. Santa gave a gift to Florence too even though we hadn’t bought a ticket for her (she’s only 6 months), with my permission he held Florence and gave her a gift. I took photos of all of it! Such a lovely day. I’m going back to Trentham soon to buy a new plant, I love plants and flowers. I’m also looking forward to a second visit to the monkey forest when it opens again; Eva visited on her 1st Birthday, but this time, over a year later, she’ll be quite excited to see the monkeys I think.

On Christmas Eve morning I got up at 6am, got the kids ready and in their pushchair and we went out to meet Mike in Starbucks. It was so lovely and I felt all Christmassy and happy. We went into Waterstones, Eva loves looking in there but hates the leaving part. To make the leaving part nicer I asked her if she wanted to put a pound in the Paw Patrol ride, she agreed and happily left the store. I think we met up with Mike’s dad that day in M&S cafe and we bought more Christmas food, then we went home. Later on and after Mike had gotten a few hours sleep we wrapped the majority of the gifts up which was enjoyable seeing all the toys for our babies. I took photos of Eva’s gifts and of Florence’s, not for social media because I don’t agree with sharing those sorts of photos, I’ve probably done it a couple of times with regret. I do plan to put a photo of Eva on her new Trike on Instagram but that’s different to posting everything. Florence had a jumperoo, the Finding Nemo one which I’ll also share a photo of. She loves it and it really is something parents can appreciate too. On Christmas morning Mike’s parents came over, they gave me some lovely gifts, including a Dartington Flower Bottle vase. I told her I loved them when we visited John Lewis recently. It sits next to my little green Dartington vase from Mike for our first Christmas together. Anyway his parents bought the trike, I noticed it in Halfords during that trip the day we saw the vases (in Telford). It was such a lovely size and red and only 65 pounds (there’s no pound symbol on this old piece of crap). Anyway, after I told Mike about it he really wanted Eva to have one so he suggested it to his parents and they only paid 50 which is great. She loves the trike. Opening gifts took up a lot of the day because Eva’s in no rush and she wants everything out of the box. At the dinner table it was me, Mike and Eva. I took a nice picture of the two of them sat down. Eva barely ate it of course, she did eat yoghurt though, of course. After Eva went to bed we did something quite unforgivable…we watched Eastenders! An advert for the Christmas episode came on just before Christmas and half jokingly I said I wouldn’t mind putting it on for Christmas Day and he agreed. We’ve been watching it since the 25th… I’m ashamed, lets not speak of that any further… We also played Scrabble which I lost dramatically, I won’t say by how much… It was a simple, small but pleasant Christmas Day. On Boxing Day we took Eva for her 2nd Boxing Day walk only this time we had a Florence to take. Eva tested out her new wheels, Mike and I had to mostly push her because she hasn’t mastered it yet. Again I have videos and photos of the walk, I’m going to print 100 or so off soon.

Eva can count to 10 now, not always accurately though, she tends to miss out number 7 ¬†sometimes. I’m really proud of her. Also, because she’s been struggling at bed times, I allow her to watch Little Baby Bum on the laptop whilst she’s in bed, it contains song after song with sometimes strange videos to go with them. She sings along though which is adorable. Otherwise she requests Fireman Sam, Masha and the Bear or Hey Duggee. It’s not a good habit but I rely on ASMR most nights and I’m happy with that.

I’m going to upload a few Christmas snaps now and put Eva for a nap.

Happy New Year x


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