My First Masters Essay

(“Why do we do what we do?” As a developing practitioner learning about person-centred practice, draw on your experience as client & counsellor, and link to person-centred theory, to critically explore what you hope to offer your client and the rationale behind this.)


I’m doing a masters. Me… a masters course…

I’m currently storming through my first essay of the year (there’s 2 years because it’s part-time). I say storming and that sounds better than it is. I’m actually really enjoying working on it. I’m going to miss this bad-boy when it’s all shipped off. I started as I meant to go on, I posted a photo on Facebook of books and a glass of wine, stating that the essay is sponsored by wine and I must say that the sponsorship is going well. I’m not saying I’ve drank much because I haven’t and being a parent I don’t really drink generally but I’m really enjoying a little tipple.

At first I wasn’t excited about the essay title and people have said that it’s bullshit, yada yada but honestly I feel that it’s a wonderfully, unexpected complex question. My hand-in day is Wednesday so I haven’t got long to go but I feel like I have so much to read and got so much to think about and to piece together. I have high hopes that by Tuesday evening it will be a really decent and complex answer.

Or maybe it’ll turn out to be a piece of shit; maybe I’ll have missed the point and failed to properly answer the question.

There’s so much in this title. What is it that we do? Why do we do it? Academic examples, personal examples, link everything to the theory but explore it with a critical voice, what do we hope to offer to clients and why. This is just the basics. What do we do and why is so many things, its: UPR, empathy, congruence, self-disclosure, frame of reference, non-directiveness, relationship etc. Then there’s all the explanations and theories of personality and human structure. There’s conditions of worth, actualising tendency, locus of evaluation etc. There’s a 100 different aspects and they all need to fit seamlessly and have explanations and examples.

I seem to be adding more and more to my “to do” list and therefore getting less and less done and now here I am wasting time writing to my future-self.

It’s so hard trying to write an essay with two very young children. Honestly I barely get any time and it’s really frustrating. This course means so much to me. I don’t feel worthy of it.

I love being in education, there’s just something so exciting about it. I’m so passionate about mental health and about this amazing direction that I’m heading towards.

I think I’ll cut this short. I just wanted to say that I’m enjoying writing my essay. There’s so much I could write, not just about my essay but about various other things. Things that are weighing me down but there are seldom safe places to self-disclose. I’ll save such things for counselling.


One thing though and if I ever bother to read this I’ll feel sad at this: I don’t think anyone will be proud of me if my essay goes well or if my dissertation next year is good or if I graduate or if I become a therapist…

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