Counselling Placement

I’m watching Mad Men again with Florence sleeping on the sofa next to me, Eva is in bed napping and Mike is asleep in our room (because he does nights). I eat quite a lot of junk food and I struggle to feel guilty because I enjoy it so much. It’s all about Cadbury’s Double Deckers and coffee.

I went to my first interview for my counselling placement yesterday evening at 6.45pm in Stafford (we’re required to find a placement whereby we can practice real counselling for a minimum of 100 hours). I walked there and to cut a boring story short I went to the wrong place, there are 3 buildings close together, all part of the same thing and there was a genuine reason for this, I used the only postcode in my invitation email and I didn’t know there were 3 buildings. Fortunately Mike’s mom called to offer some insight (she works in one of the buildings), she must have thought my interview was slightly later, I thanked her then told her that my interview was meant to start now but no one was answering. She came to get me to take me home but instead told me it was down the road and took me to it and told me to explain the genuine mistake. I barely had time to worry about it. I went in and they gave me my interview and brushed off my error and made me feel okay about it. I didn’t feel nervous about my interview because the day before I realised I’m built for this work, I won’t need to lie, I’ll just need to be myself. I answered all the questions without struggling and at the end I asked if I could help out with fundraising and I asked if they could offer any reading suggestions for bereavement (the role is bereavement counsellor, a really tough one). I decided the latter was a great question and it was a genuine one as was the former. I’m going to buy the book that they recommended to me soon. I felt a rush of relief when I left, my first interview was over and I felt that it went okay.

Today they offered me the placement! I thought it would take a while to get one but there it is. I’m very aware that bereavement is going to be a tough one but I’m excited to join the charity, one of the ladies interviewing said they’re like a family and there’s lots of support. It sounded so warm. I wish I could put this journey into words, maybe I’ll try in my journal. I will always back counselling and I can’t wait to get a job when I’ve graduated. Getting my masters will be the 3rd proudest day of my life. I’m not afraid to say that I’m proud of myself for going to the interview and for being successful. My induction is on the 17th August and then I will undertake their bereavement training. This will be a great strength to my CV, both the experience and the training.

This is what I’ve wanted for years. And I’m on my way there. I recently received my Student Loan letter, my course is definitely funded for the new two years! Such a relief.


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