Project Mosstree


I have started a new project that I’m really excited about.

For around a week or so I’ve been ordering many samples of canvas from various companies. I’m searching for a high quality, durable canvas because I want to make bags.

Around 2 weeks ago I decided that I would start this project. Each day I have a new idea. From day 1 I knew I wanted the bags to be primarily made from canvas. My idea is to make canvas messenger bags with a vintage style print on the flap of the bag. 

Today my order has arrived from Minerva Crafts and I’m even more excited. 

I have many ideas already including wax canvas laptop bags and rucksacks for children. I have some specific plans and I will start making my first bag this weekend. 

I have a brilliant sewing machine that I got new but second hand on Father’s Day.

I’m so pleased with my order. And I’m very happy with the samples I’ve been receiving, still more to come. I have lots of thinking and planning to do. 

I’m going to do this right. Later this year I would like to list my bags on Etsy.

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