New Job

Today I’m dressed in silk. Gorgeous yellow silk. Today I walk through a meadow, wild flowers adorn the ground. I sweep my hand through them.

 You feed on what you take from me but today I breathe in light. I shine. Today I’m your friend and I offer my hand to you. I have something to share and that something is within.

I had an interview on Friday. The previous week I found a job. Support worker, requiring one year of experience working in mental health. I don’t have that but I thought I’d apply and add a nice measage about my year at uni and about my upcoming counselling course. Maybe they would humour me. I got an email later that day. Their recruitment lady wanted to arrange a date and time to call. When she finally called we chatted briefly. I offered my most positive and confident side (which I do have, shockingly). The call ended and I felt hopeful. I was told that the manager would be in touch. Not an hour later the recruitment woman called back and invited me to an interview. My hopes were way up. See, this job is so relevant to my career choice that it should count as experience. If I stick to my goals I will walk into a good job in three years time. I’ll have a graduate certificate, a masters and experience working with people with mental health disorders. All in 3 years. I will be an ideal candidate. I finally have a set life plan. Anyway, I have been offered the job today which I accepted. I felt overwhelmed for a moment that my plan is actually working. I’m on the ladder, I’m ready for the climb. Not only do I have a perfect job, I now have a means to pay for my course. People told me to focus on other things and I didn’t listen. I won’t listen because I know what I’m doing. I will be a career mom and Eva will have a happy and safe childhood because I’m going to really work for it. I might not get to spend loads of time with my baby but she’ll hopefully look up to me forever. I want her to have hopes like I’ve always had. 
Today I’m proud of myself. 

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