I have many thoughts right now.

Many worries.

I’m thinking about how suffocatinly lonely it’ll be to sit down in my new home with boxes around me with no one to talk to (aside from my baby of course).

I’m thinking about how broken my relationship has been. How much that hurts.

I’m thinking that things aren’t meant to be this way. Life should be happier. A baby shouldn’t have a broken family. A baby should have everything but her life started with very little family. So none of it has been right.

I’m also thinking about the bigger picture. So many people have to suffer through this and I’m just one of millions. I’m not the only one to feel this low for these reasons.

Another thought is when he moves on with someone else. That stomach plummeting feeling that isolates me from positivity.

My strength is Eva. My other strength is the hope to be on this course in September. No one understands how much I need it. 

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