An Opportunity and Behind Closed Doors

First, my good news. I got a place on the Keele Counselling course! If I work hard I will be able to on to achieve a Masters which is included in the 3 year course. I’m going to be so focused. I feel like I’m already a step closer to having a career. I hope to take my gorgeous girl to Disneyland when she’s older.

 My course starts with a weekend residential, which is odd, I’ve never known a course start that way but I’m excited. I’m going to miss Eva so much. I miss her 10 minutes after she’s gone to bed…

I was very happy to receive that email today.

Behind Closed Doors

Our story starts with a couple’s dinner party in the luxury home of Jack and Grace Angel. A couple new to the area, Esther and Rufus along with Diane and Adam join the happy couple on their gorgeous home. Esther has many questions for Jack and Grace. They can’t be perfect and she’s not convinced. Keeping a watchful eye, she looks for cracks. Everyone else who knows Jack and Grace admire their happiness, love and success. 

Very early on we find out exactly why they’re not perfect which you would think would be a disappointment. No, the story actually retains its mystery in other ways. 

The story unravels and we learn how the couple met and we soon discover that Grace isn’t as enviously happy as she seems.

We dip in and out of the present and the past. Each glimpse is as fascinating as the previous. At one point I was outraged to have the past story ripped away from me but soon I forgot about that because the present was also captivating. 

I have never felt such wretched anger towards a fictional character before. I was frustrated all the way through but on the edge of my seat as they say. This book will hold you prisoner until you’ve finished it.

An absolutely riveting read.


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