My Family and The Break Down

I’m sat in Starbucks because it’s swimming day for me and Eva. I love taking her to a baby group, she’s going to be an excellent swimmer quite young. I can’t wait for her underwater photo shoot in May. The photo is going up on our wall and I’m printing a copy for my dad and for my nan. It’s nice to have people who would like a copy. Recently I took some photos to my nan for her to keep. I got to take a good picture of her holding Eva so I’m going to print that whilst I’m out today along with some of the photos I took on Saturday; we went for our first family walk at Downs Banks. I got some lovely photos of Mike and Eva. I also got a photo of the 3 of us, only it turned out to be mostly Mike but it’s special nevertheless. When Eva is old enough I’m going to buy her some brightly coloured wellies and we’ll go for walks rain or shine. As I might have mentioned in a previous blog I want to go camping so in summer 2018 we will start going on camping trips.

I wish to instil active skills into Eva. Starting with swimming. Eventually I will take her for kayak training when she’s old enough. 

I’ve always been quite ambitious so I never thought I would be a mother at the age of 24 but I’m so glad I have Eva. I never knew I could love anyone so much. I never understood being a parent and I never had any appreciation for family until I met my favourite person. The day she was born was incredible. She stared at me quite calmly for an hour. I’ve never been a family person until now and I will have a lot of time for those within my family who aren’t hostile or cold. 

I used to find it annoying that people take so many photos of their children. Now I do that most days. I’m her personal photographer. I have no shame in that. I have hundreds of photos of her. Even the crappy shots have value to me. I got a gorgeous photo of Mike holding Eva that I’m going to print off along with the photos of my nan. I think maybe I’ll frame it as a little surprise for him. 

Anyway, lets move on to fiction and wrap this up.

I finished reading The Break Down yesterday and I’m going to rate it 3.5. This one starts off how every psychological thriller should start, mysterious. Questions from the first page are vital. I want to be confused all the way through that bitch. I want my brow to be furrowed for hours. Then I want to think I’ve got it cracked but I want to be completely wrong and I was with The Break Down so it did its job. I’m only giving this a 3.5 because it’s quite slow and a little eventless. I also didn’t connect with the lead character, Cass, in fact she annoyed me mostly. Despite this it was mostly well written, I say mostly because I find the occasional non-linear format to be pointless and I usually love non-linear! It went like this: some mundane-ish shit happened on Monday, then we move onto Tuesday, oh wait back to some other shit from Monday. Bleh. I found Cass annoying because she holds back when she should of told her husband or her best friend what was plaguing her so much. Or… should she? Hmm. I can’t relate to her. I would of told my husband and best friend why I was losing my shit. It wasn’t her fault. And also,  unplug that god damn phone! 

Despite my negative mini review the twist was decent and I enjoyed this read. 

I have started reading Behind Closed Doors by the same writer. It was advertised at the end of The Break Down. I already bought another novel but I’m too intrigued by this one.

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