Before I Let You In

By Jenny Blackhurst

Okay, now this is going to be a bit difficult to write as I don’t want to give too much away.

This is a real gem. That’s it, that’s all you need to know.

It took me two to three weeks to read and that’s only because my 4 month old takes up a lot of time. To put it into perspective it can take me an eternity to finish a novel because I simply put some of them down and never go back. On Monday I danced like a lunatic to New Order’s Blue Monday for babas amusement. A thought occurred during my dance: crazy dance time when she’s a toddler. “Crazy dance time, Eva!” on goes the funky music. I’ve always enjoyed to dance like a freak when I’m at home. It’s liberating. Peep Show comes to mind, if you’re a fan you’ll know what I mean when I say: Rainbow Rhythms.

I knew from the synopsis of this beauty that it was my cuppa tea. I knew it was about a pyschiatrist and her troubled patient. That was enough for me to spend 99p on this ebook. 

Right now, I literally don’t know where to start. So much has happened.

The story revolves mostly around three characters, Bea, Karen and Eleanor. This trio are best friends, these three have been friends forever. They each have their demons, as we all do. The female characters being central to the story means that women will probably enjoy this more than men. Though, I really wouldn’t let that prevent you from opening up a copy or clicking on a copy if you’re on the ebook bandwagon.

The story cuts to the chase beginning with a counselling session, one we’re expecting from the synopsis. Jessica, a “mousy” young woman who unnerves our leading character Dr Karen Browning turns up to her office for sessions. 

Karen finds a few of her own possesions at her own front door with a brief but cold message. How did they get there? 

Following on from their first session Karen notices the same girl looking cosy in a jewelry store with her friend’s husband. Is Eleanor’s husband having an affair with her patient? Karen believes that this difficult and hostile girl has sought to see Karen with other intentions than the innocent one in which it would seem to be to an outsider. Karen feels targeted. Strange things happen. All the while Jessica is saying worrying things during their sessions.

Eleanor seems to be losing her mind, forgetting things all the time. Karen is convinced that Jessica is screwing with her and her friends and she’s concerned for their safety.

During the course of the book someone is recieving counselling sessions, is Karen counselling herself? Or is there someone we don’t know about?

Is Jessica a danger to their lives?

Karen feels the need to break her solid oath of counselling. She must try to warn her friends that they’re not safe.

This is a mundane lives meets powerful revenge story

 but the novel is far from mundane.

There is always something going on in this book. There are always questions to be asked. The story switches between the three main characters showing their lives, friendships and struggles. This novel is brilliant. There isn’t a boring page. If you haven’t got a needy baby like me or a tantruming toddle you probably won’t put this down until you’ve finished it. It has a glorious Fight Club element to it. The kind of book that makes you slap your forehead ahh… I’ll have to reread this one. I had my suspicions though for a while.
Any readers of this novel: I wonder if you’ll see what I did here.


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