The Depths

A thought has just occurred to me.

I’m reading Before I Let You In which sounds like some crappy horror novel, it’s really not. I’m going to attempt a brief, ambiguous review on this later this week. As with The Girl on the Train, I intend to entice you, not to blabber on about exactly what happens. It may just be a 5 star book from me. I gave The Gift 4 stars. If we were being precise I would say a 3.7 perhaps.

I really want to write my own novel. I miss it and I feel like I could create a 3D world my ideas. I can feel the life of the story. It’s like some stories have a heart beat and others don’t so they fail.

I’ve gone off topic, again. I seem to do this every time I write. I kind of like it but I imagine it’s quite annoying to read.

Anyway, lets join the origin of my thoughts to the thoughts themselves. A character in Before I Let You In has created a pseudo dating profile. That got me thinking again about dating sites. I’m not on any, of course! Yesterday’s blog wasn’t about my very brief “dating” history, (inverted commas because I don’t consider 3 pints at ‘Spoons every other evening to be dates. Isn’t it odd that we refer to a beer as a measurement? We don’t refer to wine as a 125ml…) it was about my past. I won’t get myself in another off-topic tangent of crap. I was trying there. Anyway I literally only have one thought, I might type it out and think yeah, that’s all I really have to say about that (Forrest Gump comes to mind). Which would be an anticlimax. My thought is (and I feel that someone has either wrote this before or I’ve maybe had this conversation before) that online dating is surely the best way to find love. I never thought I would say that considering my previous disapproval. If you date someone you come across at work or in your class at uni, or perhaps in a hobby-group of some sort, is it really that likely that they’re the right person, or that it’s just convenient due to one common interest and locale? Do we force romance? Do we see it where it isn’t? I’m thinking maybe we should all be serial daters before settling into something serious. If you found your partner with ease at a bar on your first night out in months or at your new job, are you incredibly lucky or just settling? A strong, long-term relationship doesn’t survive on just ‘he’s nice’ or ‘we both like the same music’. Are we too optimistic? Or maybe in too much of a rush? Maybe this is why divorce rates are so high. I’m sure most people have been in at least one relationship that they’ve not felt happy in or they’ve had the fantasy of meeting someone better.

Can you really know if you like someone within a first date? On appearance alone, yes but that isn’t what love is about. I consider myself to be a sapiosexual and a demisexual. But I’m not as simple as that, I couldn’t be with an overweight, bald man because he has a great personality. I know, I’m sort of contradicting myself. I’m most attracted to personality over someone being a stunning idiot. Intelligence and good taste is very attractive to me.

I think people should look further than the office, further than their first night out in 6 months and further than their first online date that went well. Some people are just meant to be friends. Dating can be lonely but it’s better than becoming attached and invested in the wrong person.


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