Eva and Me

I already mentioned Tuesday. Eva and I had a whole day out on Tuesday. I love those days. Just us and many coffees in one of my favourite places. We went to her swimming group and she wasn’t as shocked at the experience this time. She wasn’t a little splasher yet either but she seemed to be happy in the water. I probably enjoy it a little too much, singing along to the Water Babies’s little songs. I got a couple of smiles out of her and she actually moved her legs this time but only slightly. During lessons you have to prepare your baby for what is about to happen, such as going under water which didn’t phase her at all. You say ‘Eva..ready..go…..’ (pause after go). During chapter one you have to say that and then splash your baby’s face with water and stroke their face with the same hand. When I’m preparing her she instantly smiles, it’s adorable. I think this group is going to be so great for her. She’ll be an excellent swimmer long before she does swimming with school. And I’ll have her underwater photo that will go up on our wall.

After swimming I bought Eva’s first Charlie bear, I’m so pleased with it, it’s gorgeous. I want there to be a row of them sat on her shelf opposite her bed. I also bought her some new clothes. I bought her a pair of leggings too but she’s had those in two other sizes before so they’re hardly exciting. The yellow zebra dress is adorable but it won’t fit until summer, I just couldn’t resist it. The other two are her next size.


This is her first Charlie Bear.


And this is her book collection so far (she’s only 4 months!). I’m after a little book case for her. I love Giraffes Can’t Dance. It’s pleasant to read and, well, it’s about a giraffe… who can’t dance. I won’t ruin the plot. The Gruffalo is brilliant too, I love the way Mike reads it. Lost and Found is massively cute! Ah poor penguin! Although The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a short one, it’s a classic. Oi Frog! is also pleasant to read. I love the rhymey books.


Eva slept in her own room for the first time on Tuesday too.

One more photo for now and I’m adding this because she’s literally just done it! She rolled onto her front for the first time! So proud. Also, check out that bald patch! It’s growing back now though 🙂


Clever, strong baby.

Anway, I’m joining the leisure centre soon. I want to go to either yoga or spin class (boringly named ‘indoor cycle’). Yoga is a really random one that I’ve never given any thought to until the other day. The lady who bought Teddy is a pilates teacher and I thought hmm I wonder what that is. I wonder if I would enjoy that. But then I thought it’s similar to yoga and I prefer the word yoga… (I’m a genius in the making)… So I’m hopefully doing one of those, I’d say both but I can’t fit both in. Also, relating to the leisure centre I’m going to have quiet early morning swims on non gym days. I still need to get rid of my mom tummy! I’m far from ashamed of it though but it would be nice to get toned all over.

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