Paths and Positivity 

Willow has gone today. I feel sad but it’s best not to dwell. 

Do you ever think about different paths that you could have taken? If you had made other decisions you could be living a different life? Maybe a better one. It’s odd how much life can change. 

If things were different, who would I be now? Who would you be? 

I’m all about progression and I think I like the person I’m becoming right now. I’m more productive and useful. I’m more confident and kind. I like to work on my flaws rather than live them.

I also like to think anything can happen. Within the realms of realism of course. I could leave the house and a chain of events could occur that change my life and enhance my existence. 

I could stumble upon an opportunity. I could start over. I could fix broken things. Nothing is permanently ruined. There are keys to locked doors.

Don’t let anything confine you.

I’m feeling wonderfully positive.

There is always a glimmer of a bright light in my life, aside from Eva, and that light is my own hope. 

I don’t understand those who settle for less. Why are you working that crap job? Why are you wallowing in your own self-pity? Why are you with the wrong person? Why don’t you take that course? 

We all do it though, we all settle but we shouldn’t.

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