An Assortment of Thoughts

I miss my baby bump. I can’t say I miss being pregnant because I was a mess. I couldn’t stand up for long because my body would struggle. I don’t know why, I mentioned it to a midwife and she wasn’t concerned at all. One day I was buying a few things in Lush, I felt really hot, I decided to pay and then find a bench. I handed over the cash then ducked down and sat on the floor. The cashier guy must have been so confused. I was just about to faint. I was given water and a first aider came out to me. Eventually, feeling very much like a twat I got up and feebly apologised to the confused cashier and left. It didn’t get any better. It was particularly difficult at B&Q, the fumes I guess. I used to pretend to look at items on the bottom shelf in a squatting position to stop myself from fainting. Anyway, I miss my weird and wonderful bump. I miss the lumpiness of it. I miss her kicking and punching. I miss having my hand on my rotundness. It was worth all the aches and tiredness. It was worth the living hell of labour. Her smile is everything.

I play Clash of Clans quite a lot and I have done for months now. I played it a while back but stopped. Now I’m back and I have my own clan. It’s a little bit addictive. I honestly don’t know how I’m still playing it daily. 

I have a diary now. I think I’ll write the most mundane things. It’s not the sort where you can write much, it’s small. It’ll be nice to be able to look back at my year though so I’ll happily fill it with mindless ventures.

I applied for the Certificate in Counselling yesterday. It’s a 3 year course which ends in an MSc. I’m really hopeful that I get accepted onto the course. I can’t wait to have a focus again, I mean aside from my daughter, though I love taking care of her, I’ll always have ambitions.

We’re watching The Walking Dead at last. I’m disappointed in a portion of it. The guy called The Governor, what the fuck? There is a war between people, the programme lost me for a while. I hated that boring asshole and his idiot lover Andrea. I dislike the whole feud over the prison. I just thought ‘get back to the disgusting flesh eating dead people’ and ‘get back to the real survival issue’ plus Andrea and The Governor were just dull. Oh and The Governor looked like a twat.. all villainy… Last but by far the least, he killed Hershel! I liked that man! Then his moronic people fired shots even though Rick welcomed them to live in peace. What a load of horse shit… My personal opinion is that all of the prison feud was boring, it lost my interest and I’m wondering what other people thought?

Next up is Sneaky Pete.

Okay, this is my last thought for now as it’s nearly 2am. We’re taking Eva to the Sealife centre, I’m hoping she enjoys it. Then we’re going to buy her a little Sealife gift and we’ll be taking her to the Disney store.

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