Pondering Life Plans

Life plans are a bit of a fascination and a mess. Strange combination, I know. So here is my jumble.

I would like to own and run a rock bar in America.

I would like to be a masseuse.

I would like to run a handmade cosmetics (soap, face masks and the like) store online.

I would like to be a published fiction writer.

I would like to be a counsellor.

For several months I have accepted that I won’t be going back to university because it’s more important that I start earning money. Yesterday I decided that that is the wrong decision. Instead I decided, quite delightedly that going back to university will be amazing. It was a real light bulb moment. I also decided that I want to be a counsellor after being so against it previously, I even labelled it a useless practice (I’m so sorry counselling, you poor soul). Now I think it’s essential. I have quite a mess of a brain, I’m aware. I decided to apply for UCAS to get onto the Psychology course at Staffordshire University, I past my foundation year with a disappointing 2:1 but I wasn’t focused on it. Thinking back now though, I adored the essays. I loved exploring memory, gender differences and criminal psychology etc. It was all so brief though. I found gender differences to be fascinating, there is such a strong sense of gender identity due to social influences. Up until the age of 3 (ish?) we don’t have a gender identity. To me, the Swedish are doing family life the right way, it’s not uncommon for the dad to stay at home taking care of the children whilst the mom works. I like that. I could ramble on about all the things that fascinate me for quite some time.

Since I have decided that I would like to be a counsellor I thought it wise to ask what path I need to take and to my complete surprise you don’t need a undergraduate degree, I’m baffled, you do, however, need a masters… Cue my look of puzzlement. So, according to my contact I need to take a part time introduction to counselling course which starts in April, this is 10 weeks and just £250. This alone is very much useless, though it might be a nice addition to your CV. Following on from this I’m to take a year long course that starts in September, this is the Counselling University Certificate and following on from that is what is apparently the last piece of this intriguing triad, Psychotherapeutic Counselling MSc. Since finding this out, I’ve done a little research, I simply typed ‘Counsellors Staffordshire’ into Google and I went through several profiles to see what qualifications they have and it appears that they all have a Masters and no undergraduate degree.

…I’m still not convinced that I don’t need an undergraduate degree.

I’m not entirely set on following this path. I’m so interested in various areas of psychology that I’m finding it difficult to close all the other doors. I have all these incredable psychology books, one of which is called The Lucifer Effect -How good people turn evil’ this book is about an experiment held within a prison. It shows how people conform and undertake horrible acts of cruelty and it shows how innocent people are belittled and obey pseudo-police officers. It’s difficult to grasp without reading it, I’m yet to read it, it was part of the foundation year and I found it really interesting so I bought the book that the psychologist wrote himself. Another in my collection is ‘As Nature Made Him – The boy raised as a girl’, something terrible happened to a young boy; he had a botched circumcision that leaves him without a penis (yes that sounds absurd). The poor young boy is then raised as a girl, eventually this led to his tragic suicide. Again, I haven’t read this either but I will. It’s devastating that he took his life, now penis’s can be manufactured so he might of had a normal life is this was more recent.

Maybe I can just read about other areas in my spare time and focus on becoming a registered counsellor. I like to believe that I hold the basic personality traits required, I think I’m approachable and trustworthy. This will be a difficult journey as part of becoming a counsellor relies on your own mental stability and your own internal journey. I think if my closet was to be inspected you’d find a scurry of rats trying to find a new hiding place…

If I take this path I might have my own website one day, along with a blank canvass of a room with a piece of art on the wall and a large plant in the corner…

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