Christmas Time

Just a brief one…

Once again I’m slightly irritated by people’s perceptions of a year. They see it as a continuum that can be judged as good or bad. The year is something that happened to them rather than something that is. Those who had a bad year wave goodbye to it and hope that the new year is kinder. To me a year is a set 365 days and it adopts the relevant number. Of course each set of 365 days has an Easter, a summer, a winter, a Mother’s Day etc but nevertheless a year doesn’t discriminate, it doesn’t choose to be bad to you. If from the 1st of January to the 31st December you’re unhappy then yes, I’d agree you’ve had a bad 365 days.

I do like to celebrate the New Year though, I just don’t consider years to be kind or mean to me. I control my life to a degree. To celebrate we watched The Wolf of Wall Street with an Indian takeaway from Narvana. We also had a little tipple, I can’t drink much though because I breastfeed my baby, so just a drop for me. Today we’ll be having a New Year’s dinner which is essentially a Sunday dinner with sprouts; we’re not all-year-rounder-sprout-type-people.

Christmas was a nice day, we drove to Rugeley to pick my brother up, then headed to Stone to see my mom and pick Jade up before driving down the road to ours for the day. Mom is a careworker and she had to work 2pm till 9pm so we only saw her briefly. The day whizzed by. I took some lovely photos of everyone that I’m going to put into a photo album. We played Shout and Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit.

There were various social visits over Christmas, but certain people aren’t included in that and I will carry that with me for a while. We particularly enjoyed a visit to Nan and Keith at Keith’s house. It felt Christmassy there. It felt like how Christmas should feel. I won’t delve into the whole family thing but I feel like that’s absent in our lives quite a lot but that’s okay. If people don’t want to watch my beautiful daughter grow up now, I won’t invest in them any further.

For Christmas I got a camera which I’m very pleased with and has been glued to my hands for a week. I also got a Kindle. I adore the physical book, the texture, the smell, I love owning it like a trophy. But I’m adapting to the present and the future. Besides it will enable me to seek many novels that are of interest. I’ve decided that I will be reading a lot now. I’m currently reading The Gift by Louise Jensen.

I plan create a ‘memory box’ of Eva, containing a scrapbook filled with cards to her and us, her ankle tags from hospital, scan photos, photos, our favourite clothes and my diary containing appointments and events relevant to her etc. A few days ago we bought her a set of sleepsuits from Next, one of which was blue with dinosaurs on, it has some fluorescent pink too but it’s tasteful. I like it so much because dinosaurs are typically for boys. I hate that. Girls like pink. Boys like Blue. Asda is the worst for gender stereotyping babies, their clothing range is awful. On one side everything is pink and on the other everything is blue.



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