My latest obsession is taking photos of my baby. Every outfit. Everyday. Every place. I have hundreds of photos. Recently we have decided to buy a semi-professional DSLR camera. Instead of exchanging gifts for Christmas (aside from stockings dull of chocolate and sweets) we’re both putting money towards an affordable DSLR. I can’t let go of the thought of having Eva’s life documented. I want her to be able to look through the years that she doesn’t remember. I want her to see how loved she has always been. My Instagram is filled with photos of her, It’s probably annoying to some people but I wanted a place to keep photos where they can’t be lost.
We’ve bought most of Eva’s presents for Christmas. My first thought was to just buy her some clothes because she won’t be aware of anything but she has enough clothes for up to 6 months so we bought her toys: an Oball set which contains a car with beads inside its wheels, 3 Lamaze toys and a book that I remember as a child. I think I’ll get her one more thing, maybe two. I know she knows nothing about Christmas but we had to buy her presents just the same.

We have picked Eva’s old- style Christmas pattern jumper-dress from Next, I just need to get her some red shoes and cream tights. She has her meeting Santa outfit which is a pudding sleepsuit and an adorable matching hat. Mike’s work have a Christmas family day on the 23rd so Eva and I are going in and she’s going to meet Santa. After that Mike, Eva and myself are going for a Christmas meal in The Dog and Doublet nearby.

I’m planning on getting a few board games to play on Christmas Day. So far I have Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit which is requiring a rewatch of all 8 films to recap. I’m going to buy a couple more games and hopefully it’ll be an entertaining day. Darren and Jade are coming over and my mom is at work. I love Christmas. I don’t like how stressful it can be to find gifts. I sometimes think people should buy their own gifts as they know what they want and I don’t have a clue! It was nice buying little gifts for my friend’s children though.

Newborn babies are amazing. The first time we gave Eva a bath was devastating because she cried so much, it was a full on cry; her face red and broken. We both felt upset seeing her like that. When newborns jump because of a loud noise they silently throw both arms out in shock, it’s adorable. Then there’s the smiles, they light up her face. It’s amazing to know she’s smiling so happily because of me, I love that.

I can’t wait to get a new camera, it won’t be the most practical thing but it’ll be used for various occasions such as Christmas, Birthdays and holidays. I think I’m going to dabble in photography a little too.

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