Willow and Teddy and Other Things

As the title suggests this post isn’t going to be just about Willow and Teddy. I like to document things though so I thought I would announce them here. I’ve decided I really want to use a diary starting next year. I’m a bit disappointed that I haven’t used a diary this year but I realised that I wanted one only weeks ago and we’re much too far into 2016. I should have documented my year better. It’s important not to lose memories. I want the silly little details. I want the date of when I decided to switch to pineapple juice instead of orange juice. I haven’t actually switched, that would be batshit. But you know, if I did switch I would like to know when. I don’t know why. I don’t think my memory is good at all. I think back and I don’t remember many details and that scares me. I appreciate Facebook for that reason; a lot of my life is on there. Some of it has been erased, some of it remains. I enjoy looking through my posts, particularly my photos. That’s special. I have hundreds of photos on my iPhone. I constantly get the message that my phone is too full so I can’t take any more photos. I plan to transfer every photo to my memory stick (a fitting name). Then I’ll delete them all from my phone and continue taking photos. I want several photo albums, I’m a little annoyed that I have a grand total of zero currently. I’ll get round to that soon. Life is so, so precious. Photos can be priceless, they capture snippets of your life. I like the few photos of my baby shower, one day I’ll try to make out what books I had in one of those photos. I wish human memory was better, or perhaps just my own as I can’t account for anyone else’s.

Willow and Teddy

After Cleo died we didn’t think we could face getting another cat for a while but a few days later (07.08.16) we really wanted another cat so we got Willow. She cost just £15 and came from a home of which many cats lived. Willow is the black and white cat.

On Saturday (27.08.16) we got Teddy, who’s name isn’t actually Teddy, it’s Arthur. Teddy is a ragdoll. We got him really cheap, most pedigree cats cost around £400-£500. We got Teddy for £230, I asked the breeder for if he would knock money off the already low cost and we agreed on knocking £70 off. I’ve wanted a ragdoll for years. They supposedly have a really laid back temperament and are unlike a lot of cats. They love people. They’re harmless, they rarely hunt and rarely use their claws. They also go floppy when picked up as their name suggests. These things are all true. I’m never convinced he’ll stand up when I place him back down. I think he’ll just slide off his paws in a lazy fashion. The photos don’t do him justice, he’s so gorgeous and his fur is so different from most cats. It’s just so fluffy.

Anyway, Willow isn’t best pleased with her new brother, Teddy on the other hand seems quite happy. Teddy settled in instantly, no messing around. It was as if he’d been born into our house. They’re sort of playing now… Kind of.

Other Things

So tomorrow it’s 5 weeks until my due date. I’m still working and plan to work another 2-4 weeks. I’m hopefully making that decision next week. I’m planning on working until the end. This might be easier said than done because I could go into labour at any point from now. I currently feel calm about labour but every twinge of pain is labour in my mind. I wouldn’t mind her arriving early as she’s measuring to be bigger than I had anticipated. According to my chart she’ll be around 8lbs. So much for my little 6lb baby. I can’t wait to have her room completed, Mike is currently painting it. We have been quite prepared when it comes to the baby. The next job is to pack my hospital bag. We bought the bag itself at the lakes, it’s white and covered in blue bicycles. It’ll eventually be used as a weekend away bag. When the baby’s room is ready I want to take pictures. I want to take pictures of everything. I want her to be able to look back at all the memories lost in a child’s mind. I want to be able to open a photo album and go back in time, to each year and event.

On a different note…

I have this recurring thought. The thought is that everything will turn out okay because I might be able to write a novel. Ideas might flow and I might one day create something good. Something that keeps me sane. Something that others enjoy. I will forever have the hope that I’ll publish at least one novel and it’ll be a success. I don’t think I have a special talent but all you need is imagination and time. I have both. Maybe I’ll be more than a mother. Maybe I’ll be a creator. This thought is something that I think quite often. I’m very aware that things might not turn out, I might not go back to uni, I might hate admin work or whatever work I go into. I don’t know what my life will be like in the future but writing is my glimmer of hope. I sometimes think if everything goes to shit I might create a world that pulls me out of a black hole. That’s the dramatic version though I guess. It’s nice to have my glimmer of hope. It’s nice to be a dreamer.

I think for now the only other thing I have to mention is Stranger Things, a Netflix original TV programme. It’s a mystery, sci-fi and I really enjoyed it. Yes, that’s it. I mentioned it. I feel like I’ll be chasing good programmes for a whole year now so I’m hoping people are forthcoming on that front.

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