Baby Shower

On my 24th Birthday I had a baby shower at my house. My family came over, with the obvious exception of my dad, two friends came over, Emma, her partner Ben and their two children, Jade (also a friend from college) came over with her 1 year old and Mike’s friend, wife and two children came over. It’s a shame Mike’s family weren’t there.

I was a little overwhelmed by the house being so full. I wasn’t hungry at all so I didn’t eat much. I completely forgot to tell people where the party plates were! I’m not used to hosting parties. I should have spent more time or any time with my friends in the lounge but I felt like my seat was at the table in the conservatory because there was no where else to sit.

The day was a blur, I don’t know where it went. I’m so grateful to the people who came over to celebrate my daughter, Eva and my Birthday. One day I’ll show her all the photos of before she was born and all of her childhood. I think it’s magical to look back over your whole life.

I had some lovely gifts for my Birthday and for Eva. She has quite a lot of clothes and toys but there are two more toys I want to get her, one is a musical elephant and the other is a sheep/donkey (depending on what is in stock) that plays the sound of a heart beat. A heartbeat is such a relaxing sound, also it’s the sound she currently hears all the time. I’m also going to buy a rocking chair. When she cries I’ll put her sheep on and rock her back to sleep.

I’m 31 weeks now! I’m going to pick out her first outfit soon that will wait in the hospital bag. I think that’s quite beautiful; her first ever outfit. I have a navy blue pokedot sleep suit that I want to take with us but that one might be too big. I’ll pack it anyway in case she’s a big baby!

Mike bought her the elephant snowsuit from Nature’s Purest at Trentham. She’ll look so adorable in that when it fits.

A few photos of my shower. I still need a photo of me, Mike and the bump.

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