The Beginning

I have been planning to start writing fiction for a while now. A third idea struck the other day and this is the one I’m going with.

During my year out of uni/work I would like to use my time wisely. I don’t want to just be a mom. I want to be a human with ideas and plans. That probably sounds selfish to me ‘You’re having a child, you don’t get to have thoughts of any kind other than about taking care of your child’. That’s so limited-minded. Well I will be a normal person. I’ll go to gigs, I’ll have a few glasses of wine with friends, I’ll go to spin class (something I’m starting early next year hopefully), I’ll play computer games sometimes and I’ll certainly read a lot. I love crime novels and thrillers.

That doesn’t mean that I won’t be devoted to my baby. It’s my responsibility to keep her safe and happy and she’ll be a happy little soul indeed.

I’m going to share a tiny piece of this fictional writing that I’ll be working on over the next year.


She entered the room to the sound of fast tapping and clicking. The room had a midnight blue haze and was filled with hundreds of tiny blinking lights. Ten computer screens illuminated four faces. These faces turned and stared. The tapping stopped. The four of them stood up to take a better look at her. It was more than a look, they scrutinised her. She felt overwhelmed and couldn’t figure out why they were staring; she couldn’t make out what the expressions were resting on their faces; they looked eerie in front of the computer screens. She clutched her ID card in a sweating hand that a eccentric, shifty man, aged 30 at most at reception issued her following an oddly detailed security check. It didn’t have her name on, instead it had a strange long code and a computer chip infused into the plastic. Displayed on a badge pinned to the jacket of his beige suit was ‘Cycle A.’ Jessica had no idea what that meant but she had no intention of prolonging her time with him. The receptionist was very clear that she must go straight to room I1 Tech and that she must insert her ID card into the slot beside the door. His eyes widened and he leaned closer over his desk as he told her, pronouncing every word perfectly and slowly as if instructing a 3 year old to follow their bathroom routine before bed. 

“Hmm lets see” a young woman with glasses and curly mousy brown hair put her finger to her mouth in thought as she squinted at the new girl. “How about… The Secretary?” Another young woman cut across her. She gestured with a hand in a slow swiping motion as if showing the others a glimpse into the future. Her jeans were purposely ripped and her faded t-shirt featured a band logo. Despite her grungy appearance she was quite pretty. Her neat facial features and short, sleek black hair contrasted with her untidy clothing. Muttering broke out between three of them which sounded both excited and concerned. She felt like the already dim room was getting darker and the voices of the three were getting louder, she couldn’t distinguish any familiar words from their discussion. Their eyes emitted a ghostly glow, occasionally darting over to her and back to each other. She wanted to leave but she felt rooted to the spot, staring at four strangers who were buzzing, full of curiosity. The tall, dark-skinned man, towered over them and seemed to be the oldest. He didn’t join in with their frantic discussion. He stepped forward and held out a hand to his peers. ‘Enough’ his voice was deep and commanding with a South African twang. All muttering ceased immediately. Everyone joined Jessica in her frozen stance. There was a pause that seemed to stretch out into several minutes, which in reality was no more than one. The South African narrowed his unusual bright brown eyes at Jessica. He looked her up and down with accusation. ‘Kite, you chose Psycho’ his voice brightened along with his expression. ‘This one is mine’ he continued to absorb every inch of her, including her bulging cleavage. She suddenly felt over-dressed, aside from what now seemed like an unflattering low-cut shirt. She absently held her arms up against her chest.‘Tell me a little about yourself. I can’t decide on appearance alone’ he smiled, it was an unexpected warm smile that reached his beautiful eyes.

I have some ideas flowing and I’m quite excited about it. I won’t reveal what it’s about. I doubt I’ll share any more of it here. Hopefully this will keep me occupied when I’m planless. 

I love fiction. I love reading, though I don’t do it enough and I love writing it. It’s amazing to create a world, absolutely anything can happen in fiction. It’s magical.

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9 Responses to The Beginning

  1. dazz22 says:

    Firstly, please make the next novel you read a Brandon Sanderson one. He’s my favourite author now and I know you’ll love his books.
    Secondly, definitely write more of your novel! It’s so good. You have a way of writing that sucks a reader in immediately. You have to keep reading as there’s so much intrigue and mystery to the situation. Good stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

    • TheCreator says:

      I’ve just started The Career of Evil but I’ll definitely buy one of his novels and read it after. Which one should I get?
      I’m so glad you like it. Thank you. I think it’s really important to throw readers into a mysterious start. It still needs tweaking quite a bit but I’ll work on that soon. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

      • dazz22 says:

        Start with Warbreaker maybe. It’s a standalone novel so not part of a series and not too big of a commitment. And it’s bloody awesome. And then there are the Mistborn novels and The Stormlight Archive. Some of the best books I’ve read in ages.
        Cool, well if you write more on here I’ll be glad to read more. And one day you could publish it on Kindle or something. It’s easy to publish these days. I’d love to write a novel but I find I’m too lazy to do the research and get bored of my own ideas lol

      • TheCreator says:

        Alright, I’ll buy it in a bit. I’ll be reading loads once I leave my job.
        It’s my dream to publish a novel. I have a lot of research to do for this and it won’t be easy information to find.
        Have you got any ideas knocking around?

      • dazz22 says:

        I had an idea about a cult. It was about a guy who liked a strange girl and to seem more impressive to her he started a cult based on a cross between Buddhism and Fight Club. It was anti-capitalism and against the establishment. The cult spread and basically they become almost terrorists. And the dude doesn’t even believe in any of it. He just wants the girl. But the girl likes him because he’s the leader of the cult. Underneath it all he’s a boring guy so he’s torn as to how far he will go for her. That’s the idea that I almost started trying to write. But it’s just a few pages of notes currently

      • TheCreator says:

        It does sound like Fight Club but despite that it would be your own world. Also, I adore Fight Club, it’s near perfection. I think you could go a long way with that idea. You should at least write a paragraph, you might get absorbed in it. Sometimes when I write I feel like I’m telling myself a story, words and ideas just flood out. I feel like I haven’t even thought them myself. It’s interesting.

      • dazz22 says:

        I guess sometimes you can write without much planning and it all comes to you. Stephen King is like that I believe. He seems to have some key idea and after not much planning he just writes. As he starts a novel he isn’t sure how it will end. I feel like I need to plan though else I’ll get stuck. I don’t think I’ll do my cult idea. It was more of a love story than Fight Club. The cult was secondary. And also a bit more like Charles Mason’s cult. But if I write a novel now I’d love to do fantasy. You can have so much more fun creating your own world and your own rules rather than basing it in a real world setting. But first one needs that elusive idea…
        You have yours though. You’ll beat me in the race to write a novel. Imagine how cool it would be to have a novel written. It would be one hell of an achievement

      • TheCreator says:

        I love Stephen King, I have his sort-of autobiography. I read most of it a few years ago and he just fascinates me. I would love to have a career like his. A lot of his writing failed when he was younger, it was rejected a lot. It’s amazing when he writes about his break through, Carrie I think, I’m not sure but I was filled with happiness for him. Same with J.K.Rowling, Harry Potter was rejected by 12-13 publishers. I love that she came from nothing.
        Well if you don’t want to start that story it’s definitely not the one. I would love to write fantasy too, it’s unlimited but you need to invent a lot and I’ve struggled thinking if a fantasy plot. A novel definitely needs to show something out of the ordinary, fantasy or real world.

  2. dazz22 says:

    I made it sounds totally like Fight Club there lol

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