I have the day off today. I booked it because we had tickets to see Mumford and Sons in Hyde Park but I can’t go because I don’t feel great when I stand for long periods of time or even a few minutes sometimes. It’s a real shame and I only got £60 for both after spending £75 each on them. Oh well. Instead Mike and I are currently waiting in for the pushchair we bought. We’ve spent months looking for one, trawling the internet and shops. Last weekend we found the perfect pushchair in Babies R Us. We bought it from Mothercare, on special offer for £595 which included the car seat, carry cot and changing bag. We were saving for months and managed to save over £400 in our Terramundi pot. We put the remaining money to it out of our wages.

It’s expensive buying everything for a new human that has nothing. She has quite a lot in her room now which makes me happy. Mike has organised a baby shower/Birthday party for my 24th Birthday. I’m really looking forward to bringing people together. Certain people aren’t invited which is quite sad. My dad for example won’t be invited. It’s truly horrible that I won’t have a dad around to know my daughter. He’s alive and well but not interested in me. Family should mean something, but sadly, it doesn’t to some people. I’ve invited my best friend, her boyfriend and two young children and another friend who has recently come back into my life, she’ll be brining her 1 year old boy and possibly her husband. I’m quite lucky to have friends that have babies. It would be quite lonely otherwise.

The baby can supposedly hear now and I’ve read that they recognise songs that were played often before they’re born so today I’ve started playing The Beatles- Yellow Submarine, AC/DC- Thunderstruck and Rusted Root-  Send me on my Way. I’m looking for other classic songs to play for her, so I’ll be looking for some over the next few weeks. I’ll have a little baby playlist.

Back to the baby shower, I’m going to make cocktails for those who can drink, which I’m looking forward to because I’ve wanted to make cocktails for years and never had the excuse. I bought a cocktail making set and I’m trying to find a cocktail to make, if I can’t find the right thing (I don’t know what “right” thing is) I’ll make a classic Cosmopolitan. I think I’ll play some classic rock but I need speakers so I’ll ask around for some. I would love to own and run a cocktail bar that plays acoustic music. A dark, little place with a pleasant ambiance. Dreams, they can be both a blessing and a curse.

In the non-baby-related news I’ve found a lovely place to eat. We go there quite a lot but never eat at the cafe/restaurant.We’ve developed a love for cream tea since our weekend away at the Lake District. Anyway we really like the Trentham Garden shop, there’s a large cafe there. Our weekend away was so lovely that we’re going back next month. We bought a weekend bag with bicycles from a little shop in Windermere and an a pretty plant pot. I really love plants, we have 6 house plants so far. When I can fit it in I’m going to be getting 3 more. We have a gorgeous, thriving orchid in our conservatory.

Also, I really love owls. I’m always mesmerised by them when a variety are bought into public places to help raise money for owl world.

I have a couple of exciting plans for next year, we’re planning to go on a forest holiday, in a cabin for 4-5 days with Emma, Ben and the kids. Our second and bigger plan is to go to Oktoberfest! Unfortunately the baby can’t join us as it’s a huge beer festival. It should be really good, I’m insisting that we get costumes for it. We’re going to start saving for that in September with a new Terramundi part that needs purchasing. It won’t be easy to save though because I won’t have a job. Talking of which I would love to earn money from home, but doing what? Hmm.

That’s all for now. Hopefully the pushchair will arrive soon so we can head out to Mamas and Papas to collect the mattress we ordered and I’m buying her duvet this weekend. She won’t even need her cot or duvet for a while but we really wanted to have her room set up before she’s born, despite the fact that she’ll be sleeping in her gorgeous moses basket in our room for months.

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2 Responses to Day-Off-Thoughts

  1. dazz22 says:

    Good times ahead. If you’re making a playlist on your phone I can bring my bluetooth speaker to connect to it if you want 🙂

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