Anomaly Scan

It’s cereal time at work. Special K to be exact, accompanied by a decaf, sachet cappuccino.

Yesterday Mike and I had the morning off work to go to the hospital for my anomaly scan. We waited 8 weeks for this. Leading up to it we were really excited but once I had got to the hospital and we were making our way to the second floor I felt nervous. I had read about the anomaly scan and looked into what the sonographer is looking for, it turns out some of the health issues are fatal. It would be heartbreaking news if your baby wasn’t going to make it. After around 20 minutes I was called in. I’d been before of course so I got on with things, I put my coat and bag on the chair, lay down on the bed and lifted my top over my stomach. She slapped the gel on and I instantly looked at the awkwardly positioned screen to see my baby moving about. A little relief. She let us watch for only a minute before going about her numerous checks of every part of the baby’s body. The checks are still shots. I wanted to see the baby move more. She took many shots of the head, spine, heart etc. It’s surreal to watch. I saw my baby’s eye socket. I saw its heart beating away inside me. It’s magical. Last on the list (optional of course) was checking the gender. It is no longer an it. She’s a healthy baby as far as the sonographer could see! I knew it was a girl, I can’t explain it but I knew it wasn’t a guess, I was very confident about it. In my mind there was no way it was a boy. Now I get my prize from Mike, we decided it would be nice to treat the person with the correct guess to a surprise. Though I now know what it is and I love it, it’s a Chamilia bracelet and an Alice in Wonderland charm. The sonographer took a photo of the scan and printed it. Only this time it’s not as clear and her legs are cut out of the photo. Here’s my baby girl, attempting the Thriller dance.

After work we went to an amazing but tiny Belgian pub called Merckx in Eccleshall. They have a great list of beers and I can’t wait to go back when I can drink. There needs to be more places like that. 

I really love earning money. This weekend I’m booking our hotel in the Lake District for either the end of June or July. I can’t wait for a peaceful weekend away. We’re also going to The Swan on Saturday for drinks and possibly a meal. I’m not spending money on the baby this weekend or the house, aside from perhaps a couple of small things. I recently bought the baby a bouncer seat, which arrived yesterday, I love it. It’s red and squishy. I took it out of its box last night and it was perfect. I’m a bit of a perfectionist with some things and my daughter is one of them. I’m already planning her room. The bouncer is back in its box and sat with the few other items we’ve bought her.

It’s recently occurred to me that my time as it is now is limited. So I want to enjoy this summer. We’ve (me, Jade and Mike) got our trip to London, Hyper Japan in July, I’m hoping my brother can join us (if you’re reading, it’s 16th July and you need a ticket, if you fancy it).

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4 Responses to Anomaly Scan

  1. Congrats! All the best with your pregnancy and travels.

    I’m now a follower. 💕

  2. dazz22 says:

    Cool blog. It’s no longer an it lol. I may be able to come to that Japan thing as I know I have time booked off around then. I’ll look into it. Though I don’t even know what it is haha x

    • TheCreator says:

      I know, poor child. Yeah, check it out. It’s basically a load of stalls, everything is Japanese. We’ll buy some stuff, eat some food and you can drink some Japanese beer. It doesn’t sound like much but it’s something different. They have a stall of samurai swords, they have a stall of incredible bonsai trees and there’s a gaming area too x

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