Musings 1

I’m liking my pre-work blogs. I guess it’s more normal to let thoughts out at the end of the day but I have nothing to do aside from start work early and I just don’t want to start until 8.30.

I like opening a new post not really knowing what I’m going to write.

I was thinking the other day how this kind of communication is special. I can write here for years and you can read my thoughts, thoughts that may never be spoken allowed. You could be a stranger the other side of the world. You could be an old friend. You could be family. No matter who you are we’re communicating through our personal thoughts and writings of them. I don’t know. I just think it’s quite amazing. Mostly though, as I’ve said before, I write for me. I’d love to write for an audience one day but I don’t have many ideas right now of what to write about that isn’t about my life.

I had another thought mere minutes ago. My life has changed so much. This is something I find quite fascinating. How much a person can change. How different their life is from one year to the next. Last year I was a student, living in halls, going out drinking with what were practically strangers (flat mates). Now I’m working full time, I have a lovely house with my boyfriend and we’re having a baby. I’m tied to someone for the rest of my life because we’ve created a person. It’s scary and incredible. I’m going to have a family, me, Mike, Cleo and the baby. Or Barry-Ann as Mike calls it (a joke of course). Baby Coggins is what I think of it as in my head sometimes. He or she does have a name now, as I said before. And a bedroom. Our spare room is always referred to as ‘the baby’s room’. And a week and a day today, we’ll probably be using a name instead of baby or it. I can’t get my head around how much things change. I hope that there will be a good level of security in my life now that I’ve never really had before. I want certain things to remain a constant. The main things. I want a bit of myself to remain ever changing. Ever progressing. Ever looking for more. I don’t want to lose that when I become a mother. So many moms lose themselves in parenthood. But I’m a person. I’m whoever I am. I feel like people consider you to be boring when you have a child. 

I have a blog idea that needs some work. The topic is about people I guess. A little more specifically it’s about perspectives. I’m interested in how people perceive different opinions or events. I’m interested in the differences between people. Just people. So hopefully I’ll follow that through.

I’d write more but it’s time to start being useful.

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