Life Stuff

I’m at work again. I’ve just had a Cadbury’s Strawberries and Cream, Pot of Joy from the fridge here and it was gooood but not as good as the whipped Greek yoghurt and lemon corner. That shit is creamy and zingy.

Anywaaay we moved into our house on Monday night. We’ve had the keys for weeks but we had to buy carpets. The landlord had the carpets taken up and refused to replace them. We think he must be broke and possibly looking to sell. I love the house but I wouldn’t buy it as it’s lacking 3 things, a big kitchen, a big garden and a third bedroom. The garden size is fine but I want a big garden. I’m currently living in heaven and glad that we live alone. There’s nothing like having your own little world, I’m in a happy bubble. I did have a strop last night because I ruined dinner though. I’m so tired doing long days and being pregnant. I wouldn’t give up my job though. It’s easy work and decent money. I get paid for whatever hours I do. I don’t now how long I’ll be here for but I know that I need to use my money wisely. All of my final loan instalment went on carpets, a cooker, a washing machine and a trip to Dunelm. We got really nice bedding from Dunelm but we can’t use it yet for fear of it getting ruined, because we have a brand new arrival tomorrow! After work we’re going to Pets at Home then we’re off to Telford to collect little Cleo! We both love cats and can’t wait to get her. I’ve waited ALL week! We will probably get a friend for her in a few weeks too. I have a small list of names ready.

Life seems so busy at the moment. I get to work at 7.50, I leave work at 6. We get home at nearly 7pm and dinner needs to be cooked and eaten, cleaning needs to be done, we need to shower, then sleep. Life is on repeat and it never stops. I’m having a weekend off from people, aside from shopping which just had to be done. With this weeks money I’m getting a rug for the lounge, some work tops (as in office wear not kitchen work tops), food, the kitten and I’m buying the kitten a few more things and kitten food and litter in bulk from Amazon. Oh and I’m treating Mike to some Shipyard too. Then I’m out again, because the bulk cat stuff and tub to put them in isn’t cheap and rugs aren’t cheap either. We haven’t even had time to watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones! It’s planned in for Sunday.

In my last bit of life stuff we have a girl name and a boy name! Both expertly chosen by me but Mike loves them just as much as I do. I won’t divulge them to the world yet but I’m happy with them. 12 days to go until my second scan 🙂

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