Some photos that I love.

I’m just going to run through them and explain why I like each photo.

The first photo is of Mike and me, taken around Christmas, it’s obvious why I like this photo 🙂

The second is one of our framed images. I love Alice in Wonderland, I love the theme: it’s okay to be different and crazy, as the other Alice image states ‘all the best people are’ bonkers. I have a canvas, hard-copy of the book, , I have a bookmark, a pop-up mini, condensed version of the book and I have a new teapot and cups and saucers that Mike bought.

The third, ‘You weren’t born to just pay bills and die’, work is relentless. It’s sometimes painful to think about, that Sunday evening moment when you know it’s all starting over. I think it’s crazy how much of our time is spent working. You have to include: getting ready for work and traveling to work and even early nights for work. Then one day you retire and have plenty of time but it’s too late, you’re too fragile to go on adventures. That’s a thought that plagues me sometimes.

The letter, just something random I stubbled across that amused me.

The jacket photo, very true.

The book photo, what a nice idea. I’m always judging books by their cover and title. So many amazing novels must get over-looked.

The next photo is of my family, it’s a shame Mike is missing. We went to Ego for my mom’s Birthday (November 2015). I think it’s s nice photo…Open your eyes, Jade, damnit!

Again me and Mike at the Stafford Christmas lights. I miss those red glasses, the day I got my new ones a woman working at Starbucks made a fuss of how nice the red pair were

The last one. It’s a shame people aren’t more aware of this. People should be kinder, you have no idea how a person is feeling or what’s going on… A while ago I saw this image on a bus about a man being suicidal, his collegue noticed and saved his life, it’s just an advert but itmade me think. It’s worth looking a little closer and offering a hand. Small things can change a person’s day…

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