I have just opened my hundredth tab to have this little ramble…I’m actually currently working on an essay that’s due in tomorrow and as usual I’m (perhaps freakishly) enjoying it. However, I got side-tracked, slightly after reading about social anxiety disorder.
Having a passion is incredible. I’m not referring to the romantic kind of passion but the type of passion you have for a course, a career, a hobby. Whatever gets you rambling. Whatever you can get lost in. Sadly, we don’t all have this (for want of a non-religious term) blessing. Some people seem to go about their life without this love. Let’s call it our secondary love, assuming that you’re lucky enough to find a love of the human variety. My passion isn’t always apparent, it’s not always at the forefront of my mind but it comes and goes like a loyal friend.
My passion is Psychology and has been on and off since I was about 16, I have another blog that I used to write in and I intend to write more there when this year comes to a close. I might actually add some of my essays that have been handed in this year ( I’ll upload my gender essay soon. I will have a lot of time on my hands from April onwards which I would like to devote to two things, voluntary work and psychology. As you can see in the image below, I have obtained a decent collection of psychology books. I’m going to be reading through them and hopefully writing about my findings in the form of a traditional essay. I’ll find a question that I can use for each topic and use several sources to back up my knowledge, just as I would in a normal essay. I know how dull that must sound, but it’s my thing. It won’t be dull if I’m wealthy one day!
For a while now I’ve been racking my brain, trying to think of what it is I’d like to do as a career. I’m interested in clinical psychology but that is in no way specific. The reality is, I don’t know what I want to specialise in if I do well at my undergraduate course. There is an area that I find fascinating though and that is the effects that parents can have on their children. More specifically, I’m interested in mental health issues that are possibly caused by parent’s behaviour. Going back to how I got distracted from my work, I just read that social anxiety can be a cause of the parent/s not being warm, being very controlling, using shame as a method of discipline and are less sociable. My interest combines clinical with developmental psychology; I find that quality of life as a child is of paramount importance. Like father, like son. The problem is, if we’re quite impatient people, how to do we raise our children to be any different? If we’re an introvert, can we raise an extrovert? I could go on forever. Perhaps if we’re aware of our own demons we can learn to control them in order to raise a mentally healthy child. Maybe being a parent really is a full-time job, a notion of which I have previously scoffed at. As much as some of us like to think we’re different from our parents, we’re often very similar in ways. That’s not always a good thing, unfortunately. Before you know it you’re stuck with demons that won’t relent. You’re cynical or you enjoy a drink a little too much. Don’t be too hard on yourself; it’s the way you’re wired. Imagine if there were programs created to raise certain types of people. Set ways to create a doctor. Set ways to create a criminal. Maybe that’s something the future will have in store…
Closely relating to the idea of being responsible for your child’s mentality is the extreme and controversial notion that the parent of a murderer was somehow responsible. I’m not at all saying that’s true. I wonder though, how much research has been done on this? Surely an extensive amount given the severity. I think this could be one of my projects post foundation year. Criminal Psychology is another fascinating area which just sounds more appealing than developmental, but of course they have a very close relationship. I would love to look into criminal profiling.
For now though, I really need to get back to my essay. I’ll post my gender essay on my psychology blog, which got a disappointing 2:1, 3% off a 1st. I’m not happy about it because I could have done better given a higher capacity of words!


My growing collection of psychology books

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