Good Mood

I woke up in a good mood this morning for no reason that I’m aware of. I’m not a morning person in the sense that I dislike morning interactions. I’m much more a ‘Don’t talk to me, don’t look at me, don’t even exist in the same room as me’ kind of person during the morning hours or the hours that I have just awoken into (I’m refering to the beauty that is an afternoon nap). However, some mornings I generally enjoy life, just as this morning; I awoke around 8am which I have decided is the perfect time when I’m not required to be up for work or uni. I woke up next to my Mike and I made us a cup of tea, he’s using the beautiful handmade mug I bought him for Christmas from Etsy. Then I read a little of Bag of Bones. I have decided that I don’t read enough and I want to read everyday. I have many books to get through now including Alice in Wonderland, The Greatest Cases of Sherlock Holmes, The Girl on the Train and Wool (a novel that I have mentioned before and endeavor to write about post completion) We’re off out soon to get some fruit which leads me to a small confession;

The spending didn’t stop…

We bought a Nutri Ninja. The story of why we did so is a little bit amusing to me. I went to work yesterday for a few hours and Mike had some crappy teleshopping channel on, they were selling these Nutri Ninjas/Bullets and he got sucked into it. I have been victim to these crappy sales programmes a long time ago, I have found myself watching a program on the most mundane items for a good hour. I enjoy that we use “good” when we know it could have surpassed that amount of time, alas, that “hour” certainly wasn’t good. Anyway we went to Curry’s yesterday to look for a case for my new headphones. We had a brief look for a headphones case then noticed that the Nutri Ninja was on offer for £39 and we ended up buying that. I have always been a fan of blended fruit and now I’m going to do as the Nutri Ninja suggests and add vegetables, nuts and ice to the fruit. Sure, we may be repulsed by the first 7 or so attempts to make the perfect healthy beverage but it will be fun trying and I can satisfy my creativity and my love of smoothies.

I also bought my new iPhone! That will be arriving tomorrow. I honestly don’t care that people have this stigma against them. I don’t usually like bandwagons but aside from my iPad being stolen Apple has never let me down…also, I can’t really blame Apple for the theft.

A few random thoughts that don’t even link together:

Talking of bandwagons, we’re off to see Star Wars later today, just out of curiosity and feeling a little left out.

I’m still in my good mood, there is so much junk food to eat in our “Christmas box”. We seem to be adding more than we’re eating so that will be nice throughout January.

In the back of my mind I’m thinking of doing some creative writing, perhaps on one of my more appropriate blogs, I have no ideas yet but I might mull over some themes soon.

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