Material Goods

Now, first off I’m not materialistic, surprisingly despite my lack of confidence in humanity I prefer people and understandably nature. Mike and I had such a nice drive today from Stone to Telford for some sale shopping, there are so many amazing trees on the journey. It’s incredable that after all the Christmas expense and indulgence we still feel the need to buy more, alas we jumped on that bandwagon today and I got a emerald green jumper half price and a soap and shower gel half price from beloved Lush, a company that I long to work for, more behind the scenes than retail. I also bought some half price jeans from Next and a full price Florelli purse that matches my bag, I love it. Oh wait and I found a bento box which I think is awesome. I plan on taking salads out and about with me and I managed to get a Joseph Joseph travel cutlery set a few weeks back. People often say that salad is boring but I really enjoy it. In my defence I was only going out to find some much needed clothes cheaper.

I was spoilt for Christmas, I adore all of the gifts that Mike got me. I got a recycled glass elephant that I’ve named Banjo, a green vase, a jumper, a dressing gown, some Burt’s Bees things and headphones. I’m so happy that I have headphones at last, I will undoubtedly use these loads and they’ll be useful for when we go to the gym. Earphones are a really important and useful item to me, I adore music and I also watch videos that help me sleep because I’m odd.

One of our gifts to each other is a fish tank and all the equipment that’s required. I paid for the tank a few weeks before Christmas and Mike will be buying most of the seemingly endless equipment. We’re having a marine tank with live corals. This is a very expensive hobby but I think it’s incredable to recreate life in the depths of salt water, it’s going to be so beautiful once it’s underway. However, it’s not as simple as slamming everything into a tank, the tank must be set up with its various equipment, along with saltwater for at least 3 weeks before any fish are added. Not only that but it’s important that each type of fish is compatible and all of those fish must also be compatible with the live coral. It’s by no means an easy affair but I can’t wait to get started. We’ll start with just a few fish milling around our 125 litre tank, with any luck we won’t kill them and all will be fine. For Christmas we asked for vouchers for Holly Bush, garden centre and we have around £100 in vouchers which is great. I’m thinking of creating ASMR videos using the tank when it’s finally set up. For those that are reading and aren’t familiar with ASMR videos, look it up on Youtube. They’re relaxing videos that can help you to sleep. They often feature whispering, role-plays and relaxing sounds. I think fish and tank sounds are very relaxing, so hopefully I’ll get involved in the ASMR community. Assuming we’re any good at this fish lark we will be upgrading the tank after a couple of years for a larger one, allowing room for more absurd coral and intriging fish. With the tank being in our room I hope I’m not in a constant state of relaxation…

I’ve had various other items from my family and Mike’s, including Stephen King’s Bazaar of Bad Dreams from Darren and a cute Laura Ashley towel from Mike’s mom; I feel really fortunate. I feel a bit too spoilt now and the spending needs to stop for a while. I’m sorting out a new contract phone, I’m after an iPhone 6s. Hopefully my credit check is fine and it’ll arrive soon. That and possibly a new bottle of Diesel are my last purchases for a while. It’s amazing how carried away you can get when you have spare money…

Christmas has been pleasant, the day was split, the majority was spent with my family and a few hours was spent with Mike’s family. It was all nice but we’re glad it’s over. Though I enjoy Christmas I do think it’s overrated somewhat and quite frankly a bit of a pain.

We have tickets for some great gigs next year; so far, Muse, Coldplay and AC/DC. I can’t wait!

Unfortunately I have to be in work at 6am tomorrow, so I think we have time to start The Sopranos season 1.

Below are a few Christmassy photos.

The first one shows my discovery of Hotel Chocolat this year, thanks to Mike. My favourites so far are Fudge Sundaes.

The second photo shows the decorated fireplace.

The third is mine and Mike’s cards to each other.

The forth is my Snowman from Mike- I really don’t want to eat it.

The fifth is me and my Mike, Christmas morning.

The final photo photo is our windowsill, our brand new photo, Banjo, the Terramundi money pot I bought for Mike and my lovely green vase.

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