Christmas Time

I love Christmas but this year things are bothering me. Though I love finding the perfect gift for others it’s such bullshit! So, one of the gifts we have bought for Mike’s mom isn’t in stock and now we have to find it somewhere else, it’s such a pain. Also, even those who couldn’t care less about Christmas have to partake in finding a gift for everyone close to them. Why? Why do we all need to be materialistic? It’s madness that we go to shop after shop in search of what someone else would like to own. I’ve spent a fortune this year and why? So someone can open it, tell me it’s awesome and then move on with their life. I don’t bloody know what my boyfriend’s dad will want or what my nan will want! It’s just stupid, why do we bother? Why can’t we just spend the day with the people we love? Or why can’t we all give money to charities as a gift, imagine the disappointment of some people when we give them a card and an email print out stating that we have donated £40 to a charity that we thought they would care about. ‘Mom, Merry Christmas. I have donated £40 to Cancer Research on your behalf. Have a good one! x’. I think that’s a good idea, enjoy Christmas next year people.

Then there’s the question of where to spend Christmas; with who’s family. One mother is always upset. They fail to realise that there are two families and we can’t be at two places at once. It’s selfish. It’s important that I see my mom because she doesn’t have a big family, and she’s single and money has hardly ever been flowing. So I find it difficult when another mom is angry that we’re choosing someone else over her when she has everything. However, everything is good on this front.

Above all I’m currently wondering why we bother with the stress. I’ve spent hundreds this year on one day. I do usually love Christmas, I’m just feeling annoyed at how materialistic it all is. It’s just so pointless racking my brain to please someone with material goods. I guess there are nice ways to look at it though. I like to figure out what’s important to people when I’m shopping, I love to find an item that will make them realise I care and pay attention to them. I could quite easily get carried away buying things for some people.

This is a busy month for me with my job and uni. I had a presentation to do last week which is my worst piece of work so far but it’s not in my control, it’s a 2:1 though, so I can’t complain. Tomorrow I have two timed essays that I’m supposed to be revising for right now but I’ll crack on in Kayleigh-last-minute-fashion after this. Then I have uni the day after, then work on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Hello 3am, I loathe you already. To be honest I really need the money, I went a little bat-shit when I finally got my loan and I’m very happy that I’m able to earn this money to replace the over-spending. The early starts are screwing me over, I’m tired by about 2pm. I’m hoping to split my normal 7 hours sleep into 2 sleeps when I need to get up at 3am.

This is a bit lame, but I’m really looking our Christmas wrapping evening, I love having Christmas songs on whilst I admire all the crap I’ve bought for people.

To me Christmas is a time of thinking outside the box, of showing appreciation and love to those around you. I think I’ve done a couple of nice things this year, just small things, I’ve bought a small few gifts for my dad (just for this to make sense to a random passerby: he left when I was a kid and we don’t do gifts), I figured it would maybe mean a lot to him. The second thing is I bought gifts for my best friend’s children, I think it will mean more to her than me just buying her a gift. Maybe I’ll give money to a charity soon too, it’s so easy to forget about those less fortunate or to charities supporting health or even animal charities. Christmas is about the small, unusual acts of kindness, whether it’s making a sacrifice such as spending Christmas withi your girlfriend and her family or buying a hot chocolate for a homeless person. As for gifts I love to put some extra thought into them, it makes me happy when I’ve had a great idea.

The most important part of Christmas this year is being with Mike. I can’t wait for all the eating we’re going to do! ❤

Merry Christmas readers! x

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