And So It Is…

Just like you said it would be, life goes easy on me. Most of the time…

This blog has no particular meaning as of yet. I’m hoping it turns into something rather than a few bits of nothingness. I guess I’d just like to spend some time in my mind; reach out into the darkest of corners and see what’s going on. Also, as I might of mentioned before I like to try to retain memories or more accurately, I like to retain periods of time. I find that photographs alone cannot do this, sometimes a photo doesn’t even ignite any detail or emotion, you’re just aware that yes it is you in the photo looking like an idiot.

I recently felt the urge to write, but my best friend came over to what is currently my main home for coffee with the little people. My creativeness had to be packed back into its box and a week on I feel like writing again. I love that moment when I just HAVE to write, it’s glorious because it’s what I love to do.

I’m currently feeling happy, I guess life is somewhat going the way I’d like it to. I’m doing Psychology, I’m doing it, I’m doing it! I don’t even feel massively pressured to achieve much which is a little absurd. Maybe I’ll complete my foundation year and go work in a supermarket. Maybe I’ll never go back in again. It’s a nice feeling just going with things. I’ve become carefree and breezy. I’m just going along with life, I’m floating by. It’s pleasant. I enjoy Psychology though, I recently got my grade/percentage for a practice essay on memory models. Although I enjoy writing I had no idea if I had any skill at Psychology essays. It’s completely different to writing an English essay and I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it. There’s no writing about my opinions and limted room for creativity. My first essay got a 2:1, 5% off a 1st. I’m pleased with this and I already knew what I could of done better.

Living at halls has been difficult for me. I’m now barely there at all and I feel completely disconnected from my flat mates. I’m not sure I care all that much. I’m very picky with people and I’ve made my peace with that. I think I’ll go home for a couple of nights next week and probably just miss being here instantly.

Before I started this blog I was having a read of The Kind Worth Killing, a mystery, crime, thriller. My favourte kind of novel. I just couldn’t resist its darkness. Unfortuantely, though I’m enjoying the book, I wouldn;t recommend it. I think it could have been darker and there isn’t enough tension throughout the book. I also think it could have been written better; it’s simply lacking something. It’s mildly entertaining though and I’m intrigued to see how it ends. I just got thinking about some books that I used to have, my brother bought me Stephen King’s Mr Mercedes for my 22nd Birthday, I’d say the novel is far from his best work but I really enjoyed it. I also had Mr King’s Doctor Sleep, an intriguing novel that I horrendously only read a quarter of. Both were hardback and I’m upset that I no longer have them. I’m now going to have to pay full price. I only want Mr Mercedes because I recently bought the sequel and there will be a third and I would like the set in hardback on our shelf next year. Before I read the sequel, Finders Keepers, I’m going to read Bag of Bones for the second time, I can barely remember what it’s about (that’d my memory for ya..).

It’s my day off uni tomorrow and I’m feeling productive, I’m going to work on my second official assignment.

At the weekend I’m going to see Skindred with Emma, Ben, Jade and Mike in Manchester, I’m looking forward to it.

That’s all for now.

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