As part of my sentimental thing that I have going on right now I’m writing a little about university life and perhaps a bit of a ramble about my life in general.

So I have started my Psychology degree with a foundation year. Lets start at the start (naturally). I got pulled into a night out on Monday (21st September), the day before my first day of uni. A few of us from flat 5 went to Fiction, Stoke, which is a club to anyone reading this and to future me. The girls insisted we’d be fine going out and still be okay getting to uni the following day and I knew I had been quite absent since living here. I’m fortune enough to have my boyfriend living close by but I perhaps rely on that comfort a little too much. We went to the club, some of us, some of the guys in another house. The night started off okay. It’s bizarre, I think. Myself and three other girls being typical and conforming. We all headed straight for the toilets, I needed to pee so this was fine with me. I found myself reapplying eye-liner just like any other young, female adult. My favourite part of the night was the beginning. As a group, we sit chatting, half-drunk to people who we still barely know. It’s odd how we all care about the same things, I’d kind of like a quirky character to approach and ask what ‘happiness’ means to me, or to discuss something a little deep, alas, we often find ourselves with the ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’ attitude. These are my years, this is my time. I feel that most people have had theirs. They’ve had their crazy nights. That night I got separated from the group. It’s weird, I hardly even know the people I was with but in this place they’re all I have. I got home late that night and I couldn’t sleep. My first day of uni was tough; I felt paranoid from the lack of sleep. Needless to say it turned out to not be one of my greater ideas.

I’m at uni 3 days a week and time is flying by! So far I’m really enjoying my course, Psychology is fascinating, it’s exactly what I hoped for. I can’t wait for my first essay to be set. We have been given a practice essay on memory models and I’m looking forward to that. My favorite area at the moment is social psychology, but it’s very early days. Uni is fast paced and I love that. Be there, take notes, take part and go over it all at home. I think it’s important to love something, a true love and I hope Psychology is that for me. Typically of me, I run before I can walk, I’m already looking at what I can do after my undergraduate degree.

I’m sat in my room at halls, feeling more relaxed. I currently have Ed Sheeran- I’m a Mess on with a cup of tea. I’ve made an error in not ensuring I fit in with the girls I live with and I’m going to try to change that now. I’m going to stay at home more and try to get to know a couple of them. I’m going to the UV party at the student bar tomorrow. I’ve got a new pretty dress, make up, shoes and orange UV paint. As I said, this is my time, after this year things get a bit more serious. I don’t need serious right now. It’s important to enjoy your youth and your health.

I’ve not been my best recently, I got on the being ill bandwagon, begrudgingly. I’m still not 100% and I have a poorly ear. I want to start feeling at home here. On Sunday I’ve been here 3 weeks and I don’t feel like I really know anyone. I went to see my friend of 6/7 years, Emma, we went for coffee and then went shopping. It was much better than having a quick drink in Spoons. It’s been a girly day! I think it’s getting to me a little that those that now surround me are comfortable in their own skin, they’re young, free and have nice clothes and things. Gah conformity is everywhere. Don’t fight it though, it’s human nature and it’s not always a bad thing.

I look to my future and I see success. It feels incredible right now. I have to focus and put all my effort into my work.

Things I want to do this year/next:

  • Go to Scotland
  • Go to the Lake District
  • Go to New York
  • Go to Glastonbury Festival
  • Take photos along the way
  • Go to gigs (there are a few planned)
  • Pass the foundation year, with almost 100%
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