Freshers Week

I’m finally a university student. I never thought it would happen for me, it was a lost dream. I had no uni stories to tell. I think university life is important, the social aspect and the academic. I think it all helps us to develop our personalities and our basic life skills, as well as helping us achieve our dreams.

I moved into university accommodation on 13 September 2015, so a week and a day ago now. The whole week has been odd. My dad picked me up from my mom and sister’s home in Armitage and we wrongly drove to Stoke thinking that is where I needed to collect my key. That turned out to be an amusing waste of time. When we got to Stafford uni to get my key it wasn’t what I expected. I had staff blabbering at me to do this and that. I panicked when finance was mentioned as I don’t have my loan yet. However, all was good and it didn’t take too long to get my key. So we crossed the road to get my stuff moved in to my new and daunting home. Moving in reminded me of going to Download; loads of people were carrying their belongings to their flats, the atmosphere was a little surreal. An excited buzz. I ditched all of my stuff in my room, merely passing by a couple of the girls that I live with. Once that was done my dad and I went back outside and got a free coffee from the stand, offering free drinks and snacks to welcome the freshers then we stood outside by the courts talking, it was really nice to chat to my dad; an absent father during my teenage years. He kept saying he should leave so he could go home to feed his dog, I said it was fine and I’d go in and socialise with my new flatmates. I think he felt bad about leaving me to this new life, as I imagine most parents do. I’m so glad he took me as it’s a thing that parents should do, I’m really grateful that he did.

I went straight to my room, I sat on my bed for over an hour doing nothing; I could hear the girls chatting away in the corridor but I couldn’t bring myself to move. I went to say hi about 5.30 and I felt a little shakey but within minutes I settled down and we were all talking in the corridor.

The first night felt so bizarre but aided with alcohol everyone was relaxed and we all sat in the kitchen. Not too long into the evening a few guys from the flat next door came over to introduce themselves, shortly followed by the rest of their flatmates. We were crammed into our kitchen, everyone was chatting away enjoying this weird experience. I remember thinking ‘Life is crazy right now’. A little later we all went across to the student bar (after the guys left). It was a blurry series of strangers and questions. Everyone wants to know everyone’s name, age, course, location etc. The first week everyone is your friend and everyone is a stranger. My pattern for freshers week is a night at halls and a day/night recovering at the boyfriend’s. I think I’ve socialised just about enough to feel comfortable. It’s weird, I’ve not seen much of some of the girls at all.

It’s all about making your mark during the first couple of weeks. Get involved. Go with it.

Typically I’ve ran into a bit of trouble with a guy, his name will be Moron. So I met Moron on the first night. He asked if I had a boyfriend and of course I said yes. He seemed okay to talk to. Then he was out on Tuesday night. Little side story, a few of us hit up Couture in Stafford on Tuesday (Ew, I know). The night was okay, I guess. Following that a pal and I got a taxi home together after ditching some randoms who were hoping to tag along (no thanks, friend). Moron started shouting me whilst I was outside my flat. I couldn’t see who it was until I got closer. It was odd that I kept seeing him everywhere and to me, we got on. We all decided to stay awake and we let him and his friend up to our kitchen and talked for a couple of hours. After two of them left Moron hit on me and I said nothing could happen, reminding him I have a boyfriend. Since then I think Moron has been telling people he “nailed me”. I’ve never known anything so childish. Gah. I’m a little weirded out. Trouble is I can’t escape him because he’s friends with a couple of girls I live with. Anyway it’s weird and I’m not interested in him in the slightest.

So keeping with the theme of one night being with my flatmates and one night recovering on Thursday a few of us were gonna go to The Big Freshers Icebreaker in Hanley. That evening I met up with my friend Matt for a beer and he decided to come along. We went to Tesco because he wanted to get alcohol and a new top. When we got in nothing interesting was happening in the kitchen so Matt and I drank in my room, after about an hour we joined a couple of others in the kitchen and played card games. Matt decided he didn’t want to go out and that it would be more fun to drink with those two in the kitchen. I wasn’t entirely happy with this as we’d paid about £15 each for tickets and I’d told the other girls that I would go. When they had finished getting ready I told them I couldn’t go and everything was awkward as hell, I felt so bad about letting them down. Anyway they left and we drank until early hours of the morning. At around 4am one of the girls and Moron came back, a bit of a mess. That was that night, nothing exciting happened.

On Saturday the boyfriend came over and we sat with two girls in the kitchen playing cards with music on. There’s not a lot going on. I thought freshers week would be crazy but I suppose I’ve missed a couple of the bigger nights out and I’m bailing on tonight’s plan to go to Stoke. I feel a bit crappy about it but my lectures start tomorrow morning so it’s just a bad idea.

It’s been a difficult week with regards to settling in and feeling at home. I’ve moved about so much but this is something else. I’ve barely spent any time in my room and when I do it’s for a very short time and I’ve just sat on my bed literally doing nothing. It will pass soon hopefully.

All in all I’m doing okay. We don’t all hang out as a group though which is a shame, it would have been nice to do that a few times during last week then once a week to catch up and to know each other. I’m thinking about making a plan and messaging the group. Maybe if someone is a little more assertive we can all spend time together doing something that isn’t clubbing. Wishful thinking though.

My lectures start tomorrow, new people, new things. I’m looking forward to it.

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