The Vixen and the Lamb

A vixen and an unknown enemy steals from the wolf.
The wolf howls.
Eyes of madness.
The vixen taunts and flaunts. A betrayal is revealed, causing distain, causing madness.
The vixen rejoices in malevolent destruction.
The wolf falls down beneath its beloved moon’s glow.
A glow now haunting.
The vixen eternally taunting.
The kind lamb sees danger as the wolf rises from below.

The lamb, so kind, so pure.
The vixen, unworthy, takes the lamb.
The wolf, full of wrath of which, no cure.

A betraying hand grasps beloved flesh.

The wolf has gone insane,
Yet the lamb fails to understand the pain.
For he only seeks his own deceitful gain.

The lamb backs away, eyes tightly shut.
The wolf draws near, teeth bared, stricken and cut.

The wolf staggers.

The vixen has completed her task.

The lamb makes its escape.

The wolf turns away,
Forever hidden beneath its mask.

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