Dark Cell

A sigh at the light of morning.
A seeker, a dreamer.
Bewildered and lost in nightmares.
A lingering, isolated thought at the forefront of a dark cell.
What does the dreamer seek?

A hollow feeling within, yet heavy, weighing down, intangible.
Unfathomable is the argument. From one and to the other.
Unseeing minds collide through misinterpretations.
Seething quiet strangles after a life snuffed out, like smoke from a candle. Abrupt and leaving behind swirls of wrath.

Desiring nothing more than a warm hand upon a cold.
Does one not see?

Is one constantly inhibited by an obsidian darkness?
A fire frozen.

Is the other really so mindful of the unyielding, empty soul?
It seems so, though one should be repellent of kindness towards such dark matter.

One represses such matter, for it’s too much to question and tiresome to carry.

Bleak is the present. Bright is the future.
Discarded is the past…

It shouldn’t be forgotten; the nothingness conveyed.
Not by one but by the other.

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17 Responses to Dark Cell

  1. willbott says:

    You’ve blocked me. I can’t reply on whatsapp or texts… I have tried talking to you

  2. willbott says:

    You blocked me and thus decided you don’t want to talk. But you continue. I’m not ‘the way’ you perceive me to be. That’s your warped view on things, yes I did something I regret but it doesn’t change anything you did or the way you were. I did a bad thing, doesn’t make the entirety of me a bad person. You fully admitted to and acknowledged your ways and the way you ruined our relationship single handedly long before I did anything. Now, either talk to me normally like a human or stop this odd repetition of stopping talking to me. You just keep posting little bits of anger as comments. There is no ‘blame’ anyway. You did what you did, and I did what I did. You have nothing to blame how you were on. No one and nothing, you are the way you are and admitted that to me the other week.

    • TheCreator says:

      Your entire post was basically saying you wanted to do it. And you know it. You’re not at all confused about my anger last night.

      • willbott says:

        You were drinking, you always so that when you drink. It was a general post about decision making and not believing in fate. You’re making assumptions based on the missing information. I left out the theories of why decisions are made. Why you decided to do some terrible things you did, and sometimes when decision making is completely out of or control. Not based on fate, but due to hurt, anger, vulnerability.
        So no, I didn’t want to do it. No I don’t know it. You’re as always trying to tell me what I think and feel. I am confused by it.

      • TheCreator says:

        You knew I was angry because of that and you could have said something. It was annoying to read that you do what you want and go where you want after how you’ve behaved.

  3. willbott says:

    Stop continuing needless arguments that get none of us anywhere but angry and hurt. Nothing will come of continuing this, at all

  4. willbott says:

    I understand why you’d be angry at reading it. But you ‘lashed out’ without knowing the full facts. You could’ve spoken to me. We’re on okay terms.
    Who do you blame for your decision making skills?

    • TheCreator says:

      I’m still not over any of it. I don’t know how to be yet. What you did was so heartless. I can’t get my head around it. I retract the blame I placed on myself. What you did was entirely your choice. You didn’t love me at all.

  5. TheCreator says:

    No. Mine was minuscule in comparison. I wonder what people would think of you if they saw those emails. I won’t let you blame me for what you did. You’re not using that as an excuse. I didn’t love you.

  6. willbott says:

    You didn’t love me. That explains all of it. This conversation is over.
    Goodbye. Take care.

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