A Labyrinth

Upon new open paths, enduring new depths. Exploring.
Seek not what you loath but what is Devine.
What is Devine and wholesome?
This is to be left alone to grow on its own.
For forcefulness shall wreak havoc.
Seek not what you owe.
In a daze, I ponder, what becomes beyond a broken dream?

Refrain from evoking what you owe, for vanity is a sin.
A version of you, bright and anew. Imperfect and askew.
Yet it’s you. It always was.
There is no bounty from something so appeasing. There is no regret for what tortures the mind.
I make this appeal to you, to remain a friend, not foe.
A distance, a comfort in time.
For in this life, we travel alone.
Unravel does the path to find ourselves laughing at the past.
I seek not bounty but something kind at last.
To release my mind I must embrace.
Though I wonder, I make it known.
This is no demeaning race.
I must embrace what I fear and know.

Know that the journey doesn’t stop so near.

I shall walk.

Walk without fear.

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