Thoughts of Choosing the One

At the forefront of my mind I will pick faults.

You know when you’ve found someone who suits you because the tiniest things that they do impress you. For me, the way they speak and write. It conveys such a lot in a person. Language. How they use it. If they can produce a sentence so perfect it makes me melt, they are part of the way there for me.

Some people just plainly annoy me. There are very few people or personalities that I could stick around for.

Maybe they don’t like fishing like you do or maybe they have a different sense of humour. Humour. Humour is always so important. People are so absurdly different from one another, it’s odd.

You know when you find ‘the one’. Time tells you. It doesn’t fade in a few weeks. It remains as a dim throb in your head. You think of them. After months, your thoughts are more kind than angry. But they don’t diminish quickly. They haunt you for a while until it finally turns into nice thoughts, always at the back of your mind, keeping you company.

I think I’m very picky. Though my romantic-life is unsuccessful, I think I look for someone intelligent each time. When I say look, I don’t mean I scour the Internet or pub for ‘the one’. I think you should take a back-seat to it. Make friends, sure. But internet dating is not my thing.

I can’t help it, I keep thinking what if I’m done. No love for me. No happy ending.

Agh. I don’t know. It’s okay to be alone but when it’s a new feeling it takes time to be okay for some people.

There is always another day. I’m still alive. There is so much to experience in the world.

I should take a moment to see the good in the world rather than the bad.

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