I didn’t think I would be back so soon.

I went to The Sun with Matt last night. And I saw Rachel. A girl Will had been talking to during our break up. I was so upset when I found out they were talking. I spoke to her and Will blocked me and left me to fall apart. The following week I had a night out. I got very drunk and jumped in a taxi to see Will. I got lost and emailed him loads (the only thing I wasn’t blocked on). I told him I was stranded near his house freezing to death. He eventually started replying and picked me up. I’ve just found out that he fucked Rachel that day. And he slept with me too. He has been lying to me everyday about what happened. I saw Rachel in The Sun last night and she said they had sex twice. I’ve asked him loads if it’s true. He’s still denying it but she had sent me photos of there conversation. Now he’s not saying anything. What the fuck? I’m quite sure we’re only back together because she rejected him in the end. I can’t believe he’s lying even though I’ve seen for myself. I’ve never known a person lie so easily.

I don’t know how to move past this right now.

I fucking loved you! You were trying to be with her! All the messages you sent her will fucking haunt me.

I’m not in the mood to proof read. I’m not in the mood for anything.

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  1. willbott says:

    She didn’t reject me. I didn’t want her, I hated it and what I did, and no, I didn’t block her out right away because as bad as it is I didn’t want to give her cause to tell you. I deeply regret what I did and wish it never happened. It was rebound and retaliation for all the things you’d done and I feel utterly sorry for it. I wish I could go back and not do it. You’ve done so much to me, I forgave all of it and stayed with you, I do this, whilst we’re single and you lose your mind. I know it’s not on or right but that isn’t fair. Now you’re hell bent on getting ‘even’ or over even if you apply logic. So I assume you went out the Plaza last night and pulled anyone for a fuck. No matter what I say you won’t reply. You’ve now thrown away our relationship. Don’t say I did, because If you’re trying to pin it on me then your previous actions are the reason. I hope you reply to me soon and I hope you don’t tear my heart out.
    I’m sorry for what i did and for lying, I want more than anything just to be with you. Please don’t throw us away.
    I love you Kayleigh.

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