It’s been quite a while since I wrote anything… Well a while for me. I don’t think there is any specific reason, but it feels familiar, it’s nearly four in the morning and i’m writing something pointless, that’ll be insignificant tomorrow…
For quite some time i’ve struggled to choose a film, anyone would think the following 90 minutes or so would be life-changing. I’ll look through my film collection and decide that there is something that I don’t like about almost every film. With Moon it seems almost pointless to watch after you’ve already seen it, I was originally captivated by the film… I know a lot of people think highly of it, but for me, it’s just not as good now, almost like a child being bored of a toy they once anticipated and begged their parents for, alas discarded with the rest. Then I thought about watching This Is England, a classic… Although I love this film, I can’t bare to watch the brutal ending… Obviously I’m refering to the moment where the guy gets beaten-up… You can see it coming, it breaks my heart to watch. I’m always horrified. Then there are epic films like Inception, which requires and deserves my full attention and at this hour, just won’t get it. Then of course Fight Club, a favourite of mine and everyones with good taste in films… But i’ve seen it so many times. Then dramas… God damn it, why did I love dramas so much back in college? I’m not in the mood for them.
I think I need to start buying new films to avoid such a catastrophe. I haven’t bought a film for long time and I have no where to store them anymore, but as a film lover, it’s got to be done. Which means a lot of thorough film researching, well…basically i’ll have a brief look on IMDB.
I would of gone into more detail about specific films… But it’s late and the later it gets, the less sense this will make, so i’m going to watch Fight Club for the millionth time.

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